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Category: Supplemental Benefits

Learn how supplemental benefits can help fill the gap in major medical plans and help financially protect your employees.

Good Forms 101: The Cancer Claim Form

Here are some solutions for frequently asked questions we hear from employers and employees regarding the cancer claim form.

Are you banking on sick days to protect you financially?

Do you have enough sick leave to cover a short- or long-term disability?

Is disability insurance part of your family's financial plan?

With only 40% of employers in the United States offering paid parental leave, many women sign up for disability policies to help them financially.

Good Forms 101: The Disability Claim Form

Here are some tips and solutions for frequently asked questions we hear from employers and employees regarding the disability claim form.

An Example of How Supplemental Insurance Helps with Deductibles

Supplemental health insurance products can give you extra financial protection for expenses that aren’t covered by your major medical plan.

3 Questions You Should Ask About Disability Income Insurance During Your Benefits Enrollment

Electing disability insurance can be one of the most important choices you’ll make during your benefits enrollment.

Help Your Employees Navigate Their Healthcare FSA

To help your employees understand how the plan works and best utilize their accounts, consider these tips.

Deductible Management: How Cancer Insurance Can Help

A cancer diagnosis can be scary. For employees with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), it can feel overwhelming.

Differences Between Hospital Indemnity and Gap Coverage

Major medical insurance may help with some hospital visit costs, but having hospital stay-related coverage can be helpful, too.

These Common Conditions Lead to Disability More Often than Accidents

Here are some common conditions that could result in short- or long-term disabilities.

The Differences Between Workers’ Compensation, Disability Insurance, and Accident Insurance

When employees are injured and unable to perform their job, it can be confusing to know which policy is applicable to a situation.

Understanding the Importance of Disability Insurance for Millennials

Disability insurance exists to provide financial protection if the worst should happen. However, many millennials choose to forgo disability insuranc…

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