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Community Giving

Our company was founded on the idea of helping others, and giving back to our community is a big part of who we are. Between American Fidelity and the American Fidelity Foundation, we support hundreds of organizations in the communities where we do business. Our colleagues also have plenty of opportunities to get involved, and our Home Office colleagues each receive 20 hours of paid volunteer time every year. 

PEOPLE magazine and Great Place to Work selected American Fidelity as one of their 2019 50 Companies That Care.

Annually, we have campaigns for the Allied Arts and United Way, plus a food drive for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and a school supply drive. We partner with a local school where our colleagues can tutor once a week – and don’t even have to use their paid volunteer time!

Nationally, our company supports a variety of organizations dedicated to improving their communities. For example, colleagues in our Michigan office recently participated in a Random Acts of Kindness challenge to complete 60 good deeds in a set time frame. The challenge resulted in the team members continuing to look for ways they could help others.

We also work hard to support the causes that are important to our colleagues. In addition to our corporate giving, the American Fidelity Foundation matches nearly $90,000 in donations made by colleagues to organizations they support. Each year, colleagues nominate their favorite non-profit organizations to receive proceeds from our monthly charity day designation.

Thunder Up!

AF sponsors the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder’s literacy programs including the Rolling Thunder Book Bus, Teacher of the Game, Read to Achieve Reading Timeouts and the Reading Challenge.

Since its debut in 2007, the Rolling Thunder Book Bus has distributed nearly 170,000 books and visited about 2,000 schools and day care groups.

In the 2018-19 school year, more than 600 schools participated in the Reading Challenge, and about 60,000 students logged more than 28 million minutes of reading.

Blood Drives

We’ve hosted more than 100 blood drives and were recognized by the Oklahoma Blood Institute for our commitment to ensuring Oklahomans have access to a safe blood supply.


Through our partnership with KFOR Channel 4, American Fidelity helps provide weather curriculum that teachers can use in the classroom. In addition, meteorologists from the station take Weatherschool live to visit about 20 schools per year.

Teacher Feature on Magic 104 FM

One teacher is recognized each week during the school year on Magic 104.1 radio in the Teacher Feature sponsored by American Fidelity. At the end of the year, three teachers vie for Teacher of the Year honors. Listeners are invited to vote for their favorite.

This year, Mustang High School’s Kevin Korstjens earned the honor, which was presented by our own Roy Bishop along with Cara Rice and Jeff “Magic Man” Roberts from the radio station.

Memorial Marathon

Several American Fidelity colleagues participate in the annual Oklahoma City National Memorial Marathon. But those who are not inclined to run get in on the fun by hosting a water stop to keep the participants hydrated and encouraged.

AF Teacher Fellowship  

Eight teachers earned the opportunity to gain real-life experience in IT at American Fidelity while earning a corporate IT salary this summer by being selected for the AF Teacher Fellowship. These teacher fellows worked in American Fidelity’s software development, enterprise information management or technical infrastructure areas for the summer. They will take this experience back to the classroom to help students learn about and prepare for careers in technology. Plus, they received a $2,000 stipend to use for their classrooms upon completion of the program.

Dallas Wings

American Fidelity partners with the WNBA team the Dallas Wings. In addition to hosting Hoops for Heros and Texas Forever theme nights, we work with the Wings to recognize outstanding public service workers in the Dallas area.

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