Our Story

In 1960, C.W. and C.B. Cameron founded American Fidelity Assurance Company based on a fundamental belief: The most important asset anyone has is their ability to work and earn a living.

That’s why American Fidelity provides supplemental benefits products to help people protect their finances and save for medical expenses and retirement.

C.W. knew from experience how important products like disability insurance could be. When he was 14, he had to drop out of school to support his family after his father became disabled.

Years later, he used that experience to become an early leader in reaching people at their workplaces and offering payroll deduction to purchase products to help them prepare for the unexpected. He focused on reaching state agency employees, trade associations and schoolteachers, all of which remain our key customer markets today.

Today, we continue to embrace that pioneering spirit and strive to provide a different opinion to our customers. To us, that means constantly looking for ways to make things easier for the people we serve.

Learn more about our history and our current CEO, C.W.’s grandson, Bill Cameron. 

What We Do

American Fidelity specializes in the education, public sector, automotive and healthcare industries with products like group and individual life, health and annuity services as well as other financial security products and services. Watch this video for an overview of who we are, learn more about our offerings and see why you might want to do business with us. Check out our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and our environmental, social and governance efforts.    





10 Years

Average Colleague Tenure


49 States

Licensed to Do Business In


1 Million


Policies in Force

1.8 Million

Policies in Force

Hometown Heroes

We focus on serving those who serve others. The majority of our policyholders help their communities as teachers, firefighters, police and other public servants. We appreciate all they do for communities around the U.S.


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Cameron – The Foundation Matters

As American Fidelity has grown, so have the entities owned by the Cameron family. The Cameron Group now encompasses multiple companies providing health, HR and financial security products and services ranging from banking to consultative HR services to property and casualty insurance.

Visit the Cameron Group to learn more about how these companies help provide unique solutions to our customers. 

Delivering on Our Brand Promise

Our research has shown that employers making the decision about supplemental benefits for their organization want a different opinion. Considering all options validates that they have made the best decision possible – an informed decision.

Because of our specialization in certain niche markets, we have a unique advantage in understanding and catering to our customers’ needs. While many providers offer general coverage, as a specialist, we offer a different perspective – a different opinion.

Our brand and logo represent the different opinion our customers desire.

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