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Category: Supplemental Benefits

Learn how supplemental benefits can help fill the gap in major medical plans and help financially protect your employees.

Help Your Employees Choose a Life Insurance Policy

Knowing the difference between individual life insurance options can help your employees to choose the right policy for their life situation.

Common Reasons Employees Don’t Elect Disability Insurance

You may understand the importance of disability insurance but you may be asking: Why aren’t more employees taking advantage of it?

Understanding the Importance of Disability Insurance

There is a strong probability one of your employees will experience a disabling illness or injury. Without disability insurance, how will you help?

Third Party Sick Pay Reporting FAQs

Here are some FAQs to help you better understand how to complete Third Party Sick Pay reports if you use a third party provider for your disability.

Critical Illness Insurance Product Spotlight

Critical illness insurance can help offset out-of-pocket costs for treatments of heart attack and stroke.

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