Reporting Fraud and Scams

What is insurance fraud?

American Fidelity uses the definition, "An intentional misrepresentation of facts fabricated with the intent of deceiving or cheating another"

American Fidelity recognizes that insurance fraud exists in the insurance industry. As such, it is the policy and mission of the Company to strive to protect its Customers through the employment of an effective and diligent Anti-Fraud program. Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) takes a proactive approach in our detection and investigation of fraud and abuse. 

SIU's Mission

It is the mission of American Fidelity's SIU to protect the Company, our customer, and to aid in the reduction of dollars lost due to fraud by:

  • Preventing, detecting and deterring fraud;
  • Investigating and reporting suspected or known fraudulent activity;
  • Maintaining compliance with all state anti-fraud requirements;
  • Educating AFA colleagues in recognizing fraud indicators in the job they perform.

Fraud Contact Form:

 Contact SIU Online (You may remain anonymous)

Fraud and Ethics Hotline:

800-Tip-Offs (800-847-6337) (You may remain anonymous)

Fraud Fax:


Mailing Address:

ATTN: Special Investigation Unit

American Fidelity Corporation

PO Box 25523

Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0523

Reporting Scams

Occasionally we receive reports of phone calls, sweepstakes notices, checks, or emails that appear to be from American Fidelity Assurance Company, but are not authorized by us. 

We have learned that numerous individuals are receiving:

Scam phone calls from one or more individuals:

  • That claim to be from the Federal Trade Commission or other legitimate entity.
  • That informs recipients that they have won a prize from a Charitable Foundation, which is usually legitimate as well. American Fidelity is mentioned in this verbal exchange.

Scam letters:

  • From the Consumer and Merchandise Reward Promotions International, Inc.
  • Or from the Consumer Protection Dept
  • That inform the recipient that they are the winner of a drawing in a sweepstakes or promotional draw
  • Lists numerous known retail stores

Scam emails:

  • That appear to be from American Fidelity colleagues, but the email address has an domain instead of
  • With "Invoice" in the subject line

Our Response

American Fidelity Assurance Company is not associated with any of these individuals who are responsible for these phone calls, letters, emails and/or checks.

We do not:

  • Award Prizes - to random individuals, as our business is to, provide benefits and services to our Customers
  • Issue Prize Checks - that are sent with the prize-winner notifications. The individuals are creating fraudulent and bogus checks with American Fidelity Assurance Company as the Payor.

Actions to take:

  • Call - do not follow directions from individuals who ask for personal information
  • Check - do not attempt to cash this check as it is counterfeit
  • Email - do not click on any hyperlinks or open any attachments in the email

We are reporting this matter to the appropriate authorities. If you have received a phone call, letter, email and/or check, please contact