Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An HRA is an account your employer sets up to reimburse you for eligible medical expenses. HRAs are completely funded by your employer.

  • If you already have an American Fidelity online account, simply log in to your account to view your HRA information.

    If you have not created an account, click here to register now. You will use this same registration information on the mobile app, AFmobile®.

  • Your employer determines eligibility under their HRA plan.

  • This depends on the type of HRA plan your employer offers.

    Under a comprehensive plan, examples of eligible medical expenses may include medical deductibles, prescriptions, chiropractic services, physical therapy, transportation to receive medical care, laser eye surgery, and more.

    A limited plan may only include reimbursement for eligible dental or vision expenses, such as eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, dental care, and orthodontia.

    Your HRA may be set up to provide reimbursement for only deductibles, copayments, or premiums.

    To determine your coverage, check with your employer on what plan is being offered.

  • Some HRAs are "use or lose" accounts. This means that you forfeit money you don't use by the end of the plan year. However, some HRAs allow rollover of account balances from year to year. Your employer has selected the HRA that best fits with your medical plan. Please check with your employer for more information on how your specific HRA works.

  • Yes. An HRA may be designed in various ways to work in conjunction with your medical plan and/or other reimbursement accounts. Based on benefits offered, your employer will select the HRA type that best compliments your overall benefits package. Some types include "comprehensive," which covers a wide range of medical expenses, "limited," which covers only dental and vision expenses, "deductible only," which covers eligible medical expense only after you reach your medical plan deductible, and "retiree," which covers only eligible medical expense of retirees.

  • No. Only your employer can add funds to your HRA.

  • A Benefits Debit Card allows you to pay for eligible expenses, such as prescriptions and copayments. If your employer has elected to provide a Benefits Debit Card, you may use this card instead of paying out of pocket.

    Please note – if you use your Benefits Debit Card to pay for eligible medical expenses, you must submit itemized documentation for every transaction, like an explanation of benefits (EOB).

  • Log in to your online account and select Manage My Reimbursement Account. Then, hover over your name on the top right and click Debit Card(s). Click Report Lost or Stolen next to the appropriate card. Once complete, you will have the option to order an additional card.

    Report a Card Lost/Stolen 

  • To reactivate your card, you will either need to submit the requested documentation or pay back the transaction.

    Note: If your card is no longer active, you may have submitted insufficient documentation for an existing claim.

    Learn How to Reactivate Your Card 

  • You may use it at most health care facilities, including hospitals, physician’s, dental, and vision offices.

    Additionally, many merchants also accept the card. To view a list of participating stores, visit SIGIS Store Locator.

  • If you have additional qualified dependents, you may request a card for them through your online account, or on our mobile app, AFmobile®. Here’s how:

    • Online
      1. Log in to your online account.
      2. Select Manage My Reimbursement Account.
      3. Hover over your username the right side of the navigation bar and select Profile.
      4. At the bottom of this screen, select Add Family Member.
      5. In the Add Family Member window, select the box to Issue Dependent Card.
      6. When complete, click Next and Save.
    • AFmobile
      1. Select the Profile, and then select Family Members.
      2. In the Add Family Member window, select the box to Issue Dependent Card.
      3. When complete, click Next and Save.
  • No additional action is needed on resolved transactions. Please review your transaction history for reimbursement information.

  • Pending transactions require additional documentation to complete processing. You will receive communication when documentation is needed. 

    How to submit documentation to an existing transaction:

     Log in to your online account or AFmobile®

    • Select the Additional Documentation button
    • Select Reimbursement Account(s)
    • Select the pending transaction and click Add Receipt to upload documentation
  • If you see any suspicious activity with your Benefits Debit Card, report it within 60 days to dispute the charge immediately. The fastest way to dispute a charge is by completing the form online. Here's how:

    • Log in to your online account.
    • Click the Manage My Reimbursement Account button.
    • Expand the fraudulent transaction in either the Claim Activity, Transaction, or Account Activity page.
    • Complete and e-sign the dispute form.

    You can also dispute a charge by calling us at 800-662-1113.

    Unfortunately, you cannot dispute a charge through AFmobile® at this time. 

  • Online

    1. Log in to your online account
    2. Select Manage My Reimbursement Account
    3. Select your name in the right-hand corner of the screen.
    4. Select Debit Card(s)
    5. Select the card you want the PIN number for
    6. Select View PIN


    1. Log in to AFmobile
    2. In the Reimbursement Accounts section, select See All
    3. Select Manage your accounts
    4. Select Menu
    5. Select the My dropdown, then select Debit Card(s)
    6. Select the card you want the PIN number for
    7. Select View PIN

  • This depends on where you use your card and what type of expense it is.

    Example of when documentation is not needed: If your card is used for a qualified expense at a merchant with the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS), the details needed to approve the transaction will automatically be provided. No further documentation will be required.

    Example of when documentation is needed: If your card is used at a doctor’s office for an expense, you will need to provide an itemized receipt or document, so the details of the expense such as the date of service and the service provided may be verified. Keep in mind, the date of service must be within the plan year parameters set in your HRA plan.

    The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) regulations have requirements stating that expenses must be verified using itemized documentation, third party statements, or an Explanation of Benefits. To comply with IRC guidelines, we request documentation of your expense to verify the eligibility of the purchase.

    We request this documentation to comply with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) regulations.

    Learn more: Why is Substantiation Required for Certain Debit Card Expenses?

  • For your convenience, there are several ways you can submit your documentation:

    Mobile app: Use the “Additional Documentation” button on AFmobile®

    • Select Additional Documentation.
    • Select Reimbursement Account(s).
    • Select the pending transaction, and select Attach New Document to upload documentation.

    Online: Upload through your online account

    • Click the Manage My Reimbursement Account button
    • Navigate to the transaction from Claim Activity, My Recent Transactions or Account Activity page.
    • Select the appropriate transaction.
    • Select Add Receipt.
    • Browse or Drag and Drop document(s).
    • Select Submit.

  • Your documentation should include:

    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance carrier or,
    • Itemized documentation for an expense which should include: 
      • Original date of service
      • Description of service rendered or expense
      • Charges for service or expense
      • Provider of service or expense
      • Name of patient who received service or incurred expense

    Credit card receipts are not sufficient unless they include the above information.

  • If you have used your Benefits Debit Card to make an HRA purchase, or if you submitted an out-of-pocket reimbursement claim without documentation, you will receive a request for documentation notice. You also may receive this notice if the documentation you submitted was insufficient.

  • You may receive this notice if:

    • Your Benefits Debit Card was used for an expense incurred outside the requirements set by your employer's HRA plan,
    • Your Benefits Debit Card was used for an ineligible expense, or
    • If documentation submitted is missing information.

    When the documentation cannot be provided or the expense is ineligible, you have three options:

    • Submit different itemized document to offset the transaction amount,
    • Contact American Fidelity to make a credit card payment, or
    • Submit the notice received along with a check in the amount of the transaction to be applied to your HRA account.
  • Yes. As with other reimbursement accounts, be sure to retain documentation for all medical expenses. You’ll need to provide documentation when submitting a claim, and you may be requested to submit verification of expenses after using your Benefits Debit Card.

  • The fastest way to file a reimbursement claim is through your online account, or AFmobile®.

    • Online
      1. Log in to your online account
      2. Click on the File a Claim button
      3. Select Reimbursement Account(s)
      4. Complete the claim form
      5. Click the Submit button
    • AFmobile
      1. Touch the Submit Reimbursement button on the AFmobile dashboard
      2. Complete the Claim Form
      3. Click the Submit button
    • Fax or Mail
      1. Download and complete a claim form and include all applicable documentation. Please note, paper claim filing is not the fastest option. File a claim online or through AFmobile to get your money faster.

    Eligible expenses must be incurred during the plan year parameters set by your employer's HRA plan. Log in to your online account to view your plan details. 

  • The fastest way to receive your reimbursement is through direct deposit.

    Sign up for direct deposit online by logging in to your online account and selecting Manage My Reimbursement Account. Hover over your name to access your Profilethen click the Edit button above Reimbursement Method.

    If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will receive a check by mail. Note: This method will increase the time it takes to receive your reimbursement.

  • Log in to your online account and select your account to review your balance and transaction history.

    You can also view your account information from our app, AFmobile®. You can view your account balance from the dashboard or by clicking on your reimbursement account to view a complete transaction history. 

  • Turnaround time for claims processing is generally 3-5 business days after we receive all required documentation.

  • No, you may not add documentation to your existing denied claim. You will need to submit a new claim with the correct documentation.

HRA Features

Employer Funded

Set up and funded only by the employer. The HRA does not fall under a Section 125 Plan, but contributions are not subject to withholding or employment tax. 


Used to reimburse healthcare services like doctor’s office visits, hospital services, and prescription drugs.

Multiple Filing Options

Pay for eligible expenses with a Benefits Debit Card (depending on the employer's plan design), snap a picture of receipts with AFmobile®, or upload documentation via your online account. The choice is in your hands.

Direct Deposit Available 


Get your money faster by opting to have your reimbursements deposited directly into your bank account instead of waiting for a paper check.

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