Using Your Benefits Debit Card

  • A Benefits Debit Card allows you to pay for eligible expenses such as prescriptions and copayments, using the funds in your Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA), Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account (LPFSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), or Health Savings Account (HSA).

    If your employer has elected to provide a Benefits Debit Card, you may use this card instead of paying out of pocket.

    Please note – if you use your Benefits Debit Card to pay for eligible medical expenses, you must submit itemized documentation for every transaction, like an explanation of benefits (EOB).

  • You may use it at most health care facilities, including hospitals and physician's, dental, or vision offices. 

    Additionally, many merchants also accept the card. To view a list of participating stores, visit SIGIS Store Locator

  • Your Benefits Debit Card is for eligible medical expenses only. Check out this list of FSA and HSA eligible expenses.

    LPFSAs: If you’ve elected an LPFSA, your expenses are limited to those related to dental and vision. You may use the card for dental and vision expenses only.

    Note: You may not use the card to pay for dependent care expenses. You must have a Dependent Care Account (DCA) set up for those expenses and these accounts do not include a Benefits Debit Card.

  • Most accounts require you to submit documentation. Below is a breakdown of what is required for different types of accounts.

    HCFSAs, HRAs, and LPFSAs:

    Yes. If you use your Benefits Debit Card to pay for an eligible medical expense, you must submit documentation for every transaction.

    Example of when documentation is not needed: If your card is used for an eligible expense at a merchant with the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS), the details needed to approve the transaction will automatically be provided. No further documentation will be required.

    Example of when documentation is needed: If your card is used at a doctor’s office for an expense, you will need to provide an itemized receipt or documents, so the details of the expense such as the date of service and the service provided may be verified. Keep in mind, the date of service must be within the plan year parameters set in your HCFSA, HRA, or LPFSA plan.


    No. You do not need to provide documentation for your Benefits Debit Card purchases. However, you should keep all medical documentation as proof of transactions in case of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit.

  • Through AFmobile®, select the Additional Documentation button, select Reimbursement Account(s), then select the pending transaction and click Add Receipt to upload documentation.

    Through your online account, click Manage My Reimbursement Account, then navigate to the transaction from Claim Activity, My Recent Transactions or Account Activity page, then select the appropriate transaction, then select Add Receipt to browse or Drag and Drop document(s), then select Submit.

  • Your documentation should include:

    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance carrier or,
    • Itemized documentation for an expense which should include: 
      • Original date of service
      • Description of service rendered or expense
      • Charges for service or expense
      • Provider of service or expense
      • Name of patient who received service or incurred expense

    Credit card receipts are not sufficient unless they include the above information.

  • Benefits Debit Cards are valid for three years, and you may use the same card each year you participate.

  • Log in to your online account and select Manage My Reimbursement Account. Then, hover over your name on the top right and click Debit Card(s). Click Report Lost or Stolen next to the appropriate card. Once complete, you will have the option to order an additional card.

    Report a Card Lost/Stolen 

  • If you have additional qualified dependents, you may request a card for them through your online account, or on our mobile app, AFmobile®. Here’s how:

    • Online
      1. Log in to your online account.
      2. Select Manage My Reimbursement Account.
      3. Hover over your username the right side of the navigation bar and select Profile.
      4. At the bottom of this screen, select Add Family Member.
      5. In the Add Family Member window, select the box to Issue Dependent Card.
      6. When complete, click Next and Save.
    • AFmobile
      1. Select the Profile, and then select Family Members.
      2. In the Add Family Member window, select the box to Issue Dependent Card.
      3. When complete, click Next and Save.
  • To reactivate your card, you will either need to submit the requested documentation or pay back the transaction. 

    Note: If your card is no longer active, you may have submitted insufficient documentation for an existing claim.

    Learn How to Unblock Your Card 

  • Yes, you may use your Benefits Debit Card for both accounts. Eligible vision and dental expenses will be deducted from your LPFSA first, since those funds expire at the end of your plan year. When your LPFSA funds have been used up, your HSA funds will be deducted.

  • If you have an unsubstantiated LPFSA claim, you will still be able to use your Benefits Debit Card for your HSA.

    Learn How to Unblock Your Card 

  • Pending transactions require additional documentation to complete processing. You will receive communication when documentation is needed.

    How to submit documentation to an existing transaction:

     Log in to your online account or AFmobile®

    • Select the Additional Documentation button
    • Select Reimbursement Account(s)
    • Select the pending transaction and click Add Receipt to upload documentation
  • No additional action is needed on resolved transactions. Please review your transaction history for reimbursement information.

  • You may receive this notice if:

    • Your Benefits Debit Card was used for an expense incurred outside the plan year,
    • Your Benefits Debit Card was used for an ineligible expense, or
    • If documentation submitted is missing information.

    When the documentation cannot be provided or the expense is ineligible, you have three options:

    • Submit a different itemized document to offset the transaction amount,
    • Contact American Fidelity to make a credit card payment, or
    • Submit the notice received along with a check in the amount of the transaction to be applied to your reimbursement account.
  • If you see any suspicious activity with your Benefits Debit Card, report it within 60 days to dispute the charge immediately. The fastest way to dispute a charge is by completing the form online. Here's how:

    • Log in to your online account.
    • Click the Manage My Reimbursement Account button.
    • Expand the fraudulent transaction in either the Claim Activity, Transaction, or Account Activity page.
    • Select Dispute Charge.
    • Complete and e-sign the dispute form.

    You can also dispute a charge by calling us at 800-662-1113.

    Unfortunately, you cannot dispute a charge through AFmobile® at this time. 

  • Log in to your online account to review your balance and transaction history.

    You can also view your account information from our app, AFmobile®. You can view your account balance from the dashboard or by clicking on your reimbursement account to view a complete transaction history. 

  • Online

    1. Log in to your online account
    2. Select Manage My Reimbursement Account
    3. Select your name in the right-hand corner of the screen.
    4. Select Debit Card(s)
    5. Select the card you want the PIN number for
    6. Select View PIN


    1. Log in to AFmobile
    2. In the Reimbursement Accounts section, select See All
    3. Select Manage your accounts
    4. Select Menu
    5. Select the My dropdown, then select Debit Card(s)
    6. Select the card you want the PIN number for
    7. Select View PIN

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