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We offer member-only, curated health plans specifically for Florida school employees like you. These benefits can help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, making insurance and benefits more affordable. Many of our plans also include additional perks, including wellness programs, telehealth services, identity theft protection, financial planning resources and more. 

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Sandra, a Tallahassee school teacher and mother of two, never expected to be diagnosed with cancer. But after watching friends experience life-changing diagnoses, she purchased Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance as a precaution.

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If you purchase an American Fidelity cancer, accident, or critical illness policy, you have the opportunity to file a claim for an annual wellness benefit. This benefit may be eligible for quick claims processing! When you submit your annual wellness, diagnostic testing, or health screening claim online or through AFmobile, you can receive your benefit in as little as one day if you're enrolled in direct deposit.

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