Hospital expenses giving you a headache?
Gap insurance can help.

Like many people, you probably dread heading to the doctor or emergency room. Besides the obvious pain-related reasons, the financial costs that come with these trips can be overwhelming. Even with major medical insurance, you may wonder how you’re going to cover your deductible…or what your insurance won’t pay for.  

But, what if there was another way to help cover some of those unplanned expenses? Limited Benefit Hospital GAP PLAN® and GAP PLAN Choice® Insurance may be able to help. In fact, gap insurance may help you and your family cover certain out-of-pocket costs remaining after your primary medical insurance has paid its portion.


Here's how it works:

Experience a covered in- or outpatient hospital visit

Wait for medical insurance to pay its portion

Receive a benefit to help with remaining out-of-pocket expenses

Focus on healing


Talk to your account manager about how gap insurance can help you with costs not covered by your medical insurance.


Benefits Paid Directly to You

Use the funds where they’re most needed, like copayments, deductibles, emergency room visits, outpatient surgery, diagnostic testing, and more.


In- and Outpatient Benefits

Options to help you pay for inpatient hospital stays, outpatient surgery, emergency room treatment, and more.

Physician's Office Benefits

Provides a reimbursement amount for up to five physician visits per year.

Pairs Well with Other Benefits

Already covered by accident or disability insurance? Gap coverage can help with medical bills while you use additional benefits for other everyday expenses.