Annual exams and screenings play a vital role in protecting your health. That’s why some of our policies have benefits specifically for being proactive and taking care of yourself.

With AFQuickClaims®, many of these benefits can be processed faster than ever before when filing online or through AFmobile®

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Insurance Benefits Eligible for Quick Processing


Wellness and Screening

Annual physical exam, preventive
testing and more.

Cancer Diagnostic Testing


Diagnostic Testing

Mammogram, PAP, prostate-specific antigen blood test (PSA), colonoscopy and more.

Critical Illness

Health Screening

Stress testing, echocardiogram, blood glucose testing, neuroimaging studies and more.

Physician Expense Benefit


Physician Expense

Pays a lump sum if you see a doctor
due to a covered injury or sickness.

Physician Expense Benefit


Pregnancy Claims

Provides a quick and easy filing process
for routine pregnancy claims.

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