Annual exams and screenings play a vital role in protecting your health. With AFQuickClaims®, receiving those benefits is easier and quicker than ever before. When you file online or through AFmobile® your annual diagnostic testing or wellness and health screening claims will be automatically processed. This means you could receive your benefit for eligible claims in as little as one day when you’re enrolled in direct deposit!

Diagnostic Testing and Wellness and Health Screening Benefits

Cancer Insurance

Mammogram, PAP, prostate-specific antigen blood test (PSA), colonoscopy, and more.

Critical Illness Insurance

Stress test, echocardiogram, blood glucose testing, neuroimaging studies, and more.

Accident Insurance

Annual physical exam, preventive testing, immunizations, and more.

More Time for What Matters

We know you’re busy and we want to ensure you receive your benefits for eligible health and wellness claims as quickly as possible. With AFQuickClaims, the process is simple—allowing more time for family, friends, and the things that matter most.


Get Started

Ready to submit a wellness claim? Get started today! For the fastest reimbursement of eligible claims, make sure you’re enrolled in direct deposit!