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Prepare for the Unexpected with Accident Insurance

You know the story: you’re at a soccer game when out of nowhere, your little kicker is on the ground with a broken arm. After a rush to the emergency room, he ends up with x-rays, a cast, and prescriptions.

A month later, the medical bills start showing up. You may wonder how you’re going to cover them, especially if you haven’t met your deductible for the year.

What if there was another way to help pay for these expenses? AF™ Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance is designed with over 25 benefits to help cover the cost of treatments for injuries resulting from covered accidents. Find out how accident insurance can help you financially prepare for the unexpected.


Here's how it works:

Have an unexpected covered accident

Receive any necessary treatment

Use your benefit for out-of-pocket expenses

Focus on healing

Talk to your American Fidelity account manager to learn more about accident insurance.


24-Hour Coverage

Ensures that eligible injuries are covered for your employees and their families on or off the job.

Big or Small Accidents

Covers accidental injuries resulting from twisted ankles, burns, bee stings, spider bites, or recreational sports activities.

Wellness Benefit*

Pays an annual benefit for a routine physical exam, including immunizations and preventive testing. This benefit also qualifies for AFQuickClaims™ processing.


Over 25 Treatments Covered

Includes treatments like fractures, lacerations, physical therapy, and more.

Customer Stories


Brooklynn’s Story: Accident Insurance Believer

Brooklynn Brown, a fifth-grade teacher and mom to two boys under five, never thought she would use something like an Accident Only Insurance policy. But life always brings the unexpected, and now as an accident insurance believer, Brooklynn wants to share her true-life story with others.

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Dave’s Story: Protection for the Unexpected

For Dave, a teacher and avid cyclist, purchasing accident insurance made sense. But despite preparing for a potential accident, Dave couldn’t have predicted what his future held. Today, he encourages his fellow teachers to consider purchasing an accident policy to help financially protect themselves.

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