Dependent Verification Review Service

Do you know who you’re covering on your medical plan?


You may be paying medical premiums for ineligible dependents and not realize it. When ineligible dependents are covered and incurring claims, your overall claims experience may increase, which can increase your future medical premiums. A Dependent Verification Review (DVR) may identify ineligible dependents, and help clean up other important employee data.

The biggest benefit of a dependent audit is cost savings, given the average cost of each dependent is $4,570.1 

Other Benefits of a Dependent Review

  • Helps ensure you are meeting carrier eligibility requirements
  • Updates Social Security Numbers for dependents to help complete Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting
  • Updates important employee information including emergency contact information and beneficiaries
  • Creates an opportunity to communicate and educate employees about benefit changes

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The Process

Decide which plans you're auditing.

Tell employees which documents to bring.

Complete review during annual enrollment.

Evaluate findings with your account manager.

Why We Perform Guided Reviews

Many dependent verification companies offer self-led online or mail-in reviews, but this can cause delays in validation as well as pose a potential privacy or security risk. At American Fidelity, we exclusively perform guided DVRs with our trained account representatives because they:

  • Don’t require the transfer of sensitive data, making them more secure;
  • Save time by completing the review during annual enrollment;
  • Offer immediate results instead of waiting for processing and mail time.

Benefits of a Third Party Provider

While some employers choose to complete the reviews themselves, there are many reasons why using a third party is beneficial:


Because of the sensitive nature of these reviews, employees may feel more comfortable speaking honestly with someone they don’t work with every day.

Trained Staff

Our account managers are required to attend hours of data security and HIPAA security training every year. And as American Fidelity employees, they’ve also had extensive background checks.

Immediate Results

Because your employees' verification documents are reviewed by our account managers during the session, the results of the review are immediate. This allows employees to know their coverage options sooner.

Save Time

DVRs take time, effort, and focus. We can help with the heavy lifting, so all you have to worry about is removing unqualified dependents from your plan. This takes work off your plate so you can focus on other HR duties.

Employee Communication

Because these reviews can be time-consuming, communicating this process to employees in a timely manner is vital to a successful review. We provide letters and group meetings to help communicate what information is needed upfront to help ease frustration. We will also follow up with anyone who hasn’t completed the review with a letter, phone call, or both.

Here is an example of a video communication we provide to your employees before enrollment.

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Interested in a Dependent Verification Review? 

An annual Dependent Verification Review from American Fidelity can help prevent ineligible dependents from being covered by your medical plan. This service can be completed during your annual enrollment, saving you and your employees time.