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Employee Benefits for Your Industry

Employee Benefits for Your Industry

As trends continue to lean toward High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), it's more important than ever to offer supplemental benefits to help offset the additional out-of-pocket expenses your employees may experience. And, with lifestyle-protection products like disability insurance and life insurance, you can help your employees protect what matters most.

Unlike many benefits providers who offer one-size-fits all plans, American Fidelity believes your benefits package should be customized to your unique market and your employees’ needs. We create solutions for your employees to help maximize their coverage without affecting your bottom line.

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Custom Benefits Strategy

One way we customize your employees’ coverage is by offering a variety of riders and coverage options so you can avoid offering multiple versions of the same product. This helps reduce confusion for employees and help employers avoid working with multiple carriers.

We also work with you to create a benefits package suited to your needs, whether you are transitioning to an HDHP, improving your package to coordinate with your major medical insurance, or looking for one carrier for all of your insurance needs—we’ve got you covered.

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Custom Communications

When offering supplemental benefits, a custom education process is critical to help your employees understand their benefits. Employers are more likely to retain employees who understand the relative value of their benefits package.2

We offer tailored education opportunities for your employees to help them better understand their benefits, including various enrollment types, custom benefits sites, and one-on-one reviews with each employee for tailored benefits recommendations.

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Customize Your Supplemental Benefits Offerings 

At American Fidelity, we believe there is more to a benefits plan than just selecting insurance products for your employees. Learn more about how we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive benefits strategy.

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