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AFenroll®: American Fidelity’s Benefits Enrollment System

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Employers can access AFenroll by visiting the AFenroll administrative site.

  • From the Enrollment tab, click on Add New Employee from the drop-down menu. Fill in the required fields and select Create Employee.

  • Within the Life Events tab in the employee record you will find a list of qualifying life events. Check the life event that applies. Click Next. Benefits-Selection automatically opens the Enrollment Site, with the appropriate select screen displayed. Fill in the requested information and click Next. You will be asked for a password or PIN number. Click Confirm and Next. Enter the PIN in the text box and select Sign Form to finalize the changes.

  • AFenroll uses 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for personal information transmitted over the internet. Each user is provided with a unique ID and password that is used to authenticate access to the system. All backups of the system are encrypted before they are transmitted offsite.

    Data is stored and managed on secure systems, and access to systems is restricted to a limited number of authorized personnel. Physical access is also controlled by proximity readers and escorted access. Security updates are applied on a recurring basis, based on the level of criticality and applicability.

  • Most likely your employee answered ‘yes’ on one of the introductory questions on the FSA page regarding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). HSAs are only for employees participating in a Qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

    If your employee or their spouse has this type of medical plan, and they contribute to an HSA, then your employee does not qualify for an FSA. If your employee has participated in the FSA previously, this is not the same as an HSA, and they will need to answer ‘no’ to the questions about HSAs. If they answered ‘yes’ already, they can go back and change their answer to ‘no.’

  • Once an employee has either accepted or declined all benefits, they will enter their PIN (last four digits of their Social Security Number and last two digits of their birth year) to confirm elections. If the employee does not sign and submit the election form, the selected benefits will not be transmitted for processing.

    All benefits will show either waived or enrolled. If there are any pending benefits, the employee needs to go back and waive that benefit. They will then click Next to enter their PIN on the election form.

    After the employee enters their PIN and clicks Sign Form, they will see a Congratulations confirmation screen as well as receive an email confirmation of their elections.

Education for Your Employees

Let us train your employees on how to use our online enrollment system. American Fidelity provides a variety of materials to walk employees through the system, including this step-by-step tutorial.  

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