Employer Online Account Support

Learn how to manage your online account to optimize billing, employee management, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these frequently asked questions to learn how to optimize your online account. 

  • You can easily update the users on your online account by following these directions. 

    • Login to your online account. 
    • On the home page, navigate to the Active Users box 
    • Select Manage Users
    • From this page, you can add or edit authorized users 

    You can also access this information from the Group Admin tab. 

    • Select Group Admin
    • Locate the Manage Users box 
    • Select Manager Users and make your changes 
  • All users will have the same level of access to your employer’s online account; however, only the main account can add additional users. All billing and group administration activities will be accessible by any active user.

  • On the Manage Users page, find the user under User Accounts and click the Deactivate button next to their name. Their status will change from Active to Inactive.

    Note: You can reactivate additional user accounts if necessary by clicking Activate.

  • You can resend a registration email on the Manage Users page. Go to the Registration Not Complete section and click the Resend Email button by the user’s information.

  • For your security, you cannot change account ownership from the main account to an additional user online. To initiate this change, please call us at 800-662-1113.

  • Your security is important to us. Because of this we've updated our security requirements for online accounts and will be requiring two-factor authentication.

    TIP: You can select "remember this device" and eliminate the two-factor verification process for future logins on your device.

  • There are three ways to administer your American Fidelity bill. Start by logging in or registering for an account. Once logged in, you can access the Billing tab. From the Billing tab, you can administer

    your bill using one of three methods available:

    1. Reconcile your bill online

    This option allows you to view and reconcile your bill(s) entirely online. Our online bill interface permits adding employees, modifying, and submitting new coverage for existing employees as well as terminating coverage. Copies of your bill(s) will also be available for PDF download.

    1. Upload your benefits deduction file

    This option allows you to securely transmit your benefits deduction file to American Fidelity.

    1. Download your bill in Excel then upload the updated Excel file

    This option allows you to download your bill in a specialized Excel format that is designed for reconciliation. Once the reconciliation is complete, return to the online account to upload the Excel spreadsheet to submit for processing and to make a payment.

  • Changes are not made until the money is received and billing is posted. We automatically generate our bills. If the prior month’s bill has not been posted, the changes will not be reflected on the current bill. We strive to post the bills so the changes reflect on the next month’s bill. Paying bills timely will assist with changes being updated on the following month’s bill. If you have concerns about the changes not being updated on the bill please contact your billing representative for immediate assistance.

  • If you need your bill before our regularly scheduled generation, we will work with you to customize when you receive your bills to best meet your needs. Contact your billing specialist or account manager.

  • To create an online account, go to the Register screen and complete the form fields. Once your account is approved, it will be activated and you will be able to log in. 

  • Option 1

    If you reconcile your bill online, find the employee you wish to terminate on your most recent invoice. Click on the red Terminate Employee button next to his/her name.  Fill in the effective date and click the Terminate button.

    Option 2

    1.       From the home screen, click on the Group Admin tab in the upper right-hand corner.

    2.       Click on Review or Terminate Employee.

    3.       Search for the employee to terminate or click View Active Participants.

    4.       Click on the employee’s name and then Terminate Employee.

    5.       Complete the form and click Terminate Employee to save changes.

  • This sample file explains the minimum required fields needed to upload your premium deduction file to your online account. Any file type can be uploaded.


    Example File

  • Now, instead of mailing or faxing claim documents on behalf of your employees, you can upload documents through your online account. This enhancement provides a secure, convenient method of submission. 

    1. Log in to your online account 
    2. Click the Group Admin tab 
    3. Click Employee Information 
    4. Select the employee for whom you want to upload documentation 
    5. Select Upload Documentation 

    And, when your employees set up text or email alerts, they'll receive a confirmation that their claim has been received. 

    • Log into your online account
    • Select the Group Admin tab
    • Under Employee Information click Claims and Benefits
    • Search for the employee by last name and click their name
    • Click Upload Claim Documents
    • Log into your online account
    • Select the Group Admin tab
    • Under Employee Information click Claims and Benefits
    • Search for the employee by last name and click their name
    • Scroll down for the status of the employee’s disability claims
    • Log into your online account
    • Select the Group Admin tab
    • Click Election Forms
    • Select your desired MCP and Plan Year
    • Enter the employee’s last name (this is only needed when accessing an individual form – leave blank to receive all)
    • Select Find Documents
    • Note: When viewing the full Plan Year election forms, a maximum of 500 records are viewable online. If you have more than 500 forms, you can choose the “Download Entire Plan Year” button for a zip files of the full list.

Group Administration Tasks

You can use your online account to manage the following tasks.

Review or Terminate Employees

Look up current and previous participants in your benefit plan, as well as change an address or terminate coverage.

Manage Users

Create and manage separate logins for other colleagues that need access to the American Fidelity online account for Billing and other Employer Administration.

Sick Pay Reports

Important tax information for employees receiving Disability payments.

Employee Information

Upload claim documents, check the status of disability claims, and view benefits and premiums.

Election Forms

Access one individual form, or the entire plan year's elections. Includes view, print, and save options.

Census for Enrollment

Send employee, benefit, and employer information to American Fidelity to prepare for upcoming enrollment.

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