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File a Hospital Indemnity Insurance Claim

American Fidelity’s AF™ Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance, or AF Hospital Assist™, is a supplemental policy designed to help pay out-of-pocket medical expenses related to inpatient treatment.

The fastest way to file a hospital indemnity insurance claim is through your online account or our mobile app, AFmobile®. Download AFmobile from the App Store® or Google Play™.

File a Claim


Required Documentation

When filing a hospital indemnity insurance claim, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Statement of Insured, completed via online claim filing or paper claim form
  • Itemized Bills with diagnoses for all inpatient confinement, imaging, and advanced studies claims
  • Medical Records or Office Notes for treatment related to critical illness or accident claims

We may also need:


File Your Claims on AFmobile®

Manage your hospital indemnity insurance claims using our mobile app, AFmobile!

  • Submit claims
  • View claim status updates 
  • Upload additional documentation

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Need help?

If you have questions about your policy, log in to your online account or AFmobile to download your policy, or visit the hospital indemnity insurance support page.

To file a paper claim, download and print a claim form here.
NOTE: Paper claim filing is not the fastest option. File a claim online or through AFmobile to get your money faster.

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