Daveen's Story: Fostering Hope

After raising four children of their own, Daveen and her husband, George, became foster parents. And before long, they were placed with Allison—one of Daveen’s former students—and her sister.

Over the next two years, the family grew close and Daveen and George prepared to officially adopt the girls. But, when Allison was only seven years old, their life took an unexpected turn.

Devastating Diagnosis

It started when Allison began struggling with her eyesight. Assuming she simply needed her vision checked, Daveen and George made an appointment with the eye doctor.

That’s when they learned that Allison had brain cancer.

Daveen and George with their children

"We didn’t know what was going to happen or what the future would be," George said.

An Important Meeting

A year after her diagnosis and treatment, Allison was diagnosed with a second brain tumor.

While her family decided on another treatment plan, Daveen met with an American Fidelity account representative for her annual benefits enrollment. At that meeting, she learned that her family was already covered with the Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance policy she’d purchased years before.

“If we hadn’t been approached by the American Fidelity representative, we wouldn’t have known,” Daveen said. “They made sure we were using what we paid for.”

Providing Hope

Thankfully, Allison’s treatment was successful. Today, she’s cancer-free, and both she and her sister are permanent members of the family.

Though their journey was unexpected, Daveen and George found ways to deliver hope to other families—including paying for another child's stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

When life takes an unexpected turn, American Fidelity can help with cancer insurance.