Brooklynn's Story: Accident Insurance Believer

Brooklynn likes to stay active. Alongside her husband and two young sons, she enjoys riding horses, camping, and spending time outdoors. 

Because AF™ Limited Benefit Accident Insurance is designed to help provide financial protection, it was a good fit for Brooklynn's active family.

Accidents Happen

After enrolling in the policy, it wasn't long before Brooklynn began filing accident claims—from a broken bone to multiple emergency room visits and CAT scans.

And, hospital bills can add up quickly. 

“I would be financially stressed with all of the hospital expenses we've dealt with...I'm very grateful for American Fidelity and what they offer."


Now an accident insurance believer, Brooklynn encourages all families to add the policy to their benefits coverage. "Someone with kids... it's definitely a must," she said. "Being reimbursed over $1,500* for all the accidents we've had with the boys and's been very, very helpful."

When life doesn't go as planned, American Fidelity can help with accident insurance.