Maintain the Coverage You May Depend On

Did you know you may be able to keep many of your American Fidelity insurance policies if you decide to leave your employer? Many of our individual plans allow you to keep your coverage as long as you continue to pay your premiums. To continue your coverage, your premium payment can be automatically drafted from your bank account, saving you time and postage.

Benefits You May Keep

To keep your current American Fidelity benefits, contact Policy Continuation.

Need more coverage?

In addition to the benefits above, we've partnered with several companies to provide a well-rounded suite of benefits that eligible individuals can purchase through American Fidelity.

  • American Fidelity has partnered with Ameritas to provide a custom solution for dental insurance. There are no waiting periods and dependent coverage is available. You'll receive full coverage for preventative dental care, and some plans maximums will even increase over time.

    Learn more about dental insurance 

  • American Fidelity has partnered with Ameritas to provide a custom solution for vision insurance. Coverage includes eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses-all with no waiting periods.

    Learn more about vision insurance 

  • With telehealth from New Benefits, Ltd., you can meet with certified professionals from the comfort of wherever you are. Telehealth provides 24/7 access to medical professionals in minutes and doctors can even prescribe medication for pickup at your local pharmacy.

    Learn more about Telehealth 

  • Help protect yourself from identity theft with SecurelD 2, from New Benefits, Ltd. Benefits of the service include fraud and credit monitoring, suspicious activity alerts, and resolution services.

    Learn more about SecuredID 2