Sandra's Story: The Climb

Sandra, a Tallahassee school teacher and mother of two, never expected to be diagnosed with cancer. But after watching friends experience life-changing diagnoses, she purchased Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance as a precaution.

For years, Sandra completed her annual cancer screenings with no concerns. Then, during one of those routine appointments in March of 2017, her life took an unexpected turn.

“As I was getting out of the car to get my mammogram, something came over me and said, 'You’ve got cancer, but I’ve got your back'.”

At that appointment, Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Little Help

Two months later, Sandra underwent surgery and began chemotherapy. During a time when treatment costs can add up quickly, she turned to American Fidelity for help with her cancer insurance.

"Every single time I called, the people I talked to were absolutely gracious," she said. "Within two weeks of contacting American Fidelity, they had my first payment in my account."

“I've never dealt with a company this helpful in all the years I've been dealing with insurance companies."

An Uphill Climb

Because her benefits were paid directly to her, Sandra was able to use the money where she needed it most. In addition to gas and mileage expenses, Sandra purchased wigs and hats that made her feel comfortable again.

And in 2018, she was able to take an overseas vacation. It was a trip that marked an inspirational milestone in her life—scaling the 220-foot National Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland.

“My daughter said, ‘Mom, we have to get you healthy enough to walk to the top of the Wallace Monument',” Sandra said.

“I walked up the entire 246 steps, and my daughter took a picture at the top.”

An Unexpected Journey

Today, Sandra continues to make large strides in her recovery. And, she encourages her fellow teachers to consider purchasing a cancer policy for their families.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say enough kind words about American Fidelity," Sandra said. 

“It’s just worth the peace of mind knowing that, should something happen, somebody’s got your back and you’re not going to fight cancer and the insurance company."


When life takes an unexpected turn, American Fidelity can help with cancer insurance.