Cheryl's Story: A Positive Light

Newly married and healthy, a life-altering diagnosis was the last thing on Cheryl's mind. Still, she found herself sitting in an oncologist’s office receiving the news:

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

 "It all happened very, very quickly. It almost didn’t sink in that I had cancer.”


Looking to the Future

After high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, Cheryl beat the cancer and life returned to normal. Still, as her family and career continued to grow, Cheryl couldn’t help but wonder about the future of her health.


To help protect herself, Cheryl purchased an AF™ Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance policy from American Fidelity when she became eligible for coverage. She hoped to never use it, but in the summer of 2015, a torn rotator cuff and reparative surgery led to another diagnosis: stage three non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Due to treatments and appointments, Cheryl soon had quite a few medical bills to pay. “We were behind on every bill, and they were piling up," she said.

“With the insurance company and my benefits with American Fidelity, that’s the only way we survived and were able to stay in our house and pay our bills."

Staying Positive

Through her treatments, medicines, and bone marrow transplant, Cheryl focused on the positive and has become a leader amongst her peers—both professionally and personally.

“I’ve had a few employees here tell me that because of my story, they decided to get the cancer policy for themselves,” Cheryl said. “I hope you never have to use it. I hope never to have to use it again, but if you need it, it’s wonderful to have.”

When life takes an unexpected turn, American Fidelity can help.