Your Strategic Partner

You’ve heard us say “you deserve a different opinion,” but what does that really mean? It means American Fidelity is dedicated to providing your organization an alternative view on employee benefits management. We train our account managers to be your strategic partner to help you achieve your benefit goals.

Dedicated to Your Industry

Where many provide a one-size-fits-all perspective, our account managers are focused on your industry. Our account managers work specifically in your market, which means they understand your needs.

Learn About Our Markets

As a former teacher, I love working for American Fidelity because I get to teach others about important personal finance topics like insurance, taxes, and retirement. Most of my customers have little to no education about these topics and many times we may be the only resource at their disposal.”

Brett McGee, Account Manager

In the face of a medical crisis or a death in the family, it’s amazing to see how comforted and relieved our customers are to have their cancer benefit or life insurance to lessen the financial strain. To know that I can be a difference-maker for someone by simply showing them their options is the reason I love going to work every day.”

Michelle Abell, Account Manager

I love working for American Fidelity because I feel I am making a positive impact on families every day. I have had the opportunity to hear firsthand how much American Fidelity has given financially and emotionally. I am proud to be part of the American Fidelity family.

Stephanie Apodaca, State Sales Manager

Why We Hire Full-Time Account Managers

We believe a true benefits strategy doesn’t just happen during enrollment. Our career account manager model allows us to work in your industry year-round. Because our account managers are salaried employees of American Fidelity, we can provide quality, educated, professional staff.



Our account managers are dedicated to the success of both employers and their employees. For employers, we help create a benefits strategy to accomplish your goals, whether that means moving to a High Deductible Health Plan, reducing costs, or implementing a new benefit. For employees, we offer one-on-one benefit reviews to help ensure they are choosing the right benefits for their financial needs, specifically focusing on benefits that complement your medical plan.

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Career Focused

Our staff is empowered to be your strategic partner year-round, with opportunities to advance in their career with American Fidelity. Our account managers are dedicated to serving a niche market, so they can be truly embedded within your industry’s trends and benefit needs.


Highly Trained

Our account managers are required to attend training year-round to help ensure they are up to date on benefits management trends. New account managers are required to attend over 100 hours of training, complete 11 online courses, and must pass multiple exams within the first six months.

Annually, all our account managers are trained on:

  • Industry benefit trends
  • Compliance requirements
  • Section 125 Plan regulations
  • Reimbursement account regulations
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Data security
  • Fraud detection
  • HIPAA regulations
  • And more

Selective Hiring

To ensure our account managers are qualified, each candidate has at least a one month interview process which includes several formal interviews and shadowing. And because we value your organization's security and safety, all of our account managers undergo an extensive background check before employment.

Our goal is to hire account managers who listen to the needs of both employers and employees, and have your best interest in mind.

7.5 Years

Average tenure for sales colleagues


Total sales colleagues in the U.S.


Hours of training for a new sales colleague

One-on-One Reviews Make a Difference

Alonzo went to his 2013 benefits fair with no intention of buying a cancer policy, but his mind was changed by his account manager’s story. Two years later, he was diagnosed with cancer. Watch how American Fidelity made a difference.

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