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Life Insurance Support

To view your AF™ Life Insurance policy document or benefit amount, log in to your online account or download AFmobile®.

If you’re a beneficiary who has recently lost a loved one or an insured who is suffering from a serious illness or accident, we want to make the claims process as easy as possible.

Learn How to File a Life Insurance Claim 


Documentation Needed to File a Claim

Life insurance claims cannot be filed online and must be mailed or faxed. You’ll need to provide these documents:

To change your beneficiary, download and complete the Beneficiary Change Form. The form requires a witness signature to complete.

You may obtain a copy of your policy through your online account.


Unfortunately, you cannot request a loan through your online account. Please contact our customer care team, or call 800-662-1113.

If your term period has expired, coverage will automatically renew and you will receive a letter informing you about your new premium rate.

Yes. Your life insurance is an individual policy and can be taken with you if you leave employment. To learn more and move to direct billing, please complete the Policy Continuation contact form or call 800-943-2231.

All U.S. beneficiaries are required to fill out a W9 form to comply with tax regulations. The benefit for a life insurance policy is non-taxable, but the interest may be taxable if it exceeds $600. Even if the interest amount is less than $600, a W9 form is required.

American Fidelity can only release benefit information to the named beneficiary after the insured has passed.

If one beneficiary has submitted all necessary requirements, we can move forward with paying their portion of the benefit while we wait for the other beneficiaries to submit their paperwork. We will not be able to release payment to an individual beneficiary until their requirements have been submitted.  

If legal affidavits are required in order to confirm the surviving heirs, American Fidelity must wait until all completed and notarized affidavits are returned before we can move forward with payment.

If the claim is payable, the location of the death will not impact the payment.

Exclusions and limitations are provided within your policy. You may obtain a copy of your policy through your online account. 


What's the difference in life insurance types?

Life insurance is an important piece of a strong financial plan. Watch this short video to learn about the different types of life insurance American Fidelity offers.

Learn More About Life Insurance 


Need help?

If you need assistance filing a claim, visit the life insurance claim page.

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