Do your employees understand their benefits?

Not educating your employees about their available benefits can be like not offering benefits at all. Without a true benefits communication strategy, employees feel uninformed and unprepared to make decisions. When employees don’t understand their benefits, they are less likely to purchase them, resulting in missed tax savings, gaps in coverage, and financial risks.

What if you could provide the resources your employees need without overwhelming them at enrollment time or sacrificing hours you need for other tasks?

American Fidelity can help you implement valuable, consistent benefits education, including benefit compliance and regulatory updates, for you and your employees year-round.


Annual and New Hire Pre-Enrollment Education

By providing educational material often and early, your employees have more time to prepare for those healthcare and other benefits decisions, rather than rushing to sort through a ton of information at the last minute.

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A Communication Strategy for Every Learning Style

One of our most valuable education resources is our career account managers. They can meet with your employees in group meetings and one-on-one sessions, covering benefits education during enrollment or presentations on Section 125 Plans, reimbursement accounts, or updates to federal and state compliance regulations.

While in-person consultations are popular and beneficial, they’re not the only communication method we offer. The concept of "one size fits all" is no longer acceptable in employee benefits. Employers must continue to find ways to communicate with their employees in a language they understand, through channels they prefer.3 Because of this, our pre-enrollment communication options include a variety of messages and formats:


Our video library includes enrollment preparation tips, product information, testimonials, and self-service support options.


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Benefits Websites

We can work with you to create a custom benefits website with enrollment preparation information and an enrollment appointment scheduler.


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Emails can be sent with enrollment reminders, available benefits, a link to your custom benefits site, compliance information, and instructions for filing claims and setting up online accounts. 

Print Materials

We can customize posters, flyers, postcards, and brochures to help ensure your employees understand their benefits and know when it’s time to enroll.

Year-Round Resources for Enrollment, Compliance, and More

Unlike other one-size-fits-all approaches you might have seen before, our account managers are trained to be true strategic partners for you. This means our communication efforts don’t stop when your annual enrollment ends. In addition to all of our enrollment materials and services, we also offer year-round resources to keep you informed.

For You

  • Have a conference or employee development training coming up? We can provide educational presentations or in-person workshops on benefits or topics like Section 125 Plans and compliance updates. Find Out More 
  • The monthly Benefits Bulletin email highlights important stories and valuable employer insights, from industry regulation updates to benefits usage trends and testimonials.
  • Our Employer Solutions blog is also a valuable resource for benefits strategies, as well as information about new compliance regulations and healthcare reform updates.
  • The Compliance Insights VIP Notification Service is an email newsletter offered to our employer customers that provides notices of regulatory and compliance changes related to employee benefits. Sign Up Today 

For Your Employees

  • Our custom benefits sites are available year-round, so your employees can continue to access the informative videos and reference benefits details.
  • Occasionally, we’ll email account management tips to ensure your employees know about our online and mobile app updates.
  • If there are legal or compliance changes that affect your employees and their accounts, we will also send an email and potentially a letter to communicate what action is needed.
  • Our social media accounts are also a great resource for benefits and account management tips.

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Whatever your communication or education needs are, we can create a custom plan for you and your employees.