Environmental, Social and Governance 

As we continually look to enhance our Customer-centric practices, American Fidelity is mindful of the importance of a balanced business framework and the environment in which we operate. We incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts in key areas relevant to our business: Our Products, Our Investments, Our Culture, Our Communities, Our Environment and Our Corporate Governance.   

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It is through AF's strong ethical business practices and decision making that allows us to persistently deliver on our promise to our Customers. We work to align our operations and controls with our core values to create a sustainable ESG strategy that supports our Customers, community, Colleagues and our business. 


AF incorporates ESG criteria into our risk management and investment due diligence processes, and expects its investment managers to also consider ESG factors as part of their security due diligence process, portfolio construction and ongoing risk management.


AF understands that improving our environment and contributing to long-term sustainability is important. ESG is considered as we assess internal practices in our business operations.

Products and Offerings

AF is focused on being a different opinion for our Customers with comprehensive benefits strategies.


Founded on the idea of helping others, helping our communities thrive is in our DNA. AF actively works with the community through or civic policy, sponsorships, volunteerism and donations in support of the greater good.


AF strives to be a great place to work for all Colleagues with a culture where Colleagues can be their best and whole selves while making a difference for our Customers, community and the organization.