Schools are Unique

With special pay modes, generous sick leave, unfunded mandates, and more – schools have unique needs that may not be met with a generic benefits plan made for private corporations. Yet with all your uniqueness, you may be working with a generalized benefits provider who has limited knowledge of your specific circumstances.

Since 1960, American Fidelity has focused on providing a different opinion for school districts and currently serves 4,300 districts across the country. 

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Products Designed for Education Professionals

When designing our products and solutions, we focus on the specific needs of employers and employees in the education community. With a division dedicated to schools, we have the benefit of pricing our products to fit the budget constraints schools face. We customize our supplemental benefits with multiple plan options and elimination periods. From state health plans to sick leave policies and unique pay modes – we understand schools’ needs and create our products with you in mind.

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Cost-Savings Solutions for Education

To maintain a compliant and attractive employee benefits program, you need dedicated personnel and funding. But with limited resources and a thinning budget, you can’t hire additional staff or pay the price that your needs require. By looking at education trends on a national and local level, and monitoring industry-related regulations, we create cost-savings solutions specifically for the education community.

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Supporting Education Through Association Partnerships

We proudly partner with 140 state and national education associations such as the top national association for school employees, National Education Association (NEA). We are also a Strategic Partner of the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO), the top business/administrative association for districts.

We utilize relationships like our ASBO Strategic Partner commitment to monitor member feedback, and understand the top concerns for school officials nationwide. In return, we work to ensure the services we offer are aligned with and meet the district and employees’ needs.

As a Strategic Partner, we sponsor ASBO's Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting program.

National Education Association (NEA)

Experienced Account Managers

Work Only in Schools 

Our account managers' focus on schools gives us a vast knowledge of your organization and allows us to understand your unique needs.

Serve Same District Year After Year

We have established relationships with employers and employees, which allows us to make long-term benefits recommendations. 

Provide On-Site Support Year-Round

We act as an extension of your Human Resources department by helping to remove the burden of benefit administration, education, and enrollment.

We are the Carrier and Provider

American Fidelity is both the carrier and benefits provider. This is an important benefit to education professionals because it allows us to better manage your benefits education, enrollment, costs, and interaction with your employees. By using one provider, your employees also benefit from using a single online portal to file claims and manage their accounts.

We customize benefits for the education industry and help create a benefits strategy for your entire benefits program. 

Partner with a provider that 4,300 school districts are using