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Prepare for Your Benefits Enrollment

Your annual benefits enrollment is coming up! Because your review only happens once a year, it’s important to go over your existing benefits and learn about the options your employer has made available.

Changing Benefits with Each Stage of Life 

Choosing your benefits should never be a "one and done" deal. As your life changes, your benefits needs will change too. Marriage, children, sports, doctor's appointments, retirement... every life change and many daily activities can influence which benefits you should consider.   

What to Expect When Meeting With Your Account Manager

During your meeting, your account manager will review any existing products you might have, as well as talk through life changes you have experienced or anticipate in the next year. They can make recommendations and help you select the benefits that make the most sense for your situation. This meeting also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions specific to your needs.


1. What expenses do you have planned this year? 

Think about the dental, medical, and vision expenses you had last year and the expenses you plan to have this year.  Think through each of these potential expenses and how much money you will need to set aside to afford them. Use this Section 125 savings calculator to help estimate how much you could save when you elect pre-tax benefits. 


2. Consider your life changes.

Did you get married or divorced, have or adopt a baby, or experience a loss? Life changes may affect the amount of coverage you should choose.


3. Prepare for the future. 

 Prepare for your upcoming year and consider any special events that may happen that could affect your coverage. Compile any questions you may have for your account manager.

Things to Bring to Your Appointment









Depending on your enrollment, you may be required to provide your and your dependents' Social Security Numbers.

Watch This Video to Learn More About Preparing for Your Enrollment




Contact your employer or dedicated account manager to learn more about your upcoming enrollment.

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