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Prepare for Your Benefits Enrollment

Preparation is Key

Your annual benefits enrollment allows you to learn more about all available options through your employer’s benefit program. Your account manager will make sure you are fully prepared for your enrollment. 


Your Annual Benefits Review

Take time to evaluate your current insurance and benefits coverage. Because your review only happens once a year, it’s important that you go over the options that your employer has made available.

In your benefits review, we’ll:

  • Look at your existing plans
  • Help you understand your available benefits
  • Review options and answer questions

Watch this video to learn why you should schedule your enrollment appointment with an American Fidelity account manager.

Here’s What You Should Bring

Before enrollment begins, review the available options with your spouse or loved ones and think about which insurance and benefits will best meet you and your family’s needs.

Make sure to bring your:

  • Driver’s license
  • Bank account information for direct deposit
  • Spouse and children’s DOB
  • Beneficiary information, including (if a trust) name and date of trust


You have a busy schedule, and we know your time is important. That's why we offer several ways to educate you on the benefits your employer has chosen.

  • Your employer may offer group meetings to update you on changes.
  • An individual benefits review allows time to ask more detailed questions.
  • Even if you’re already enrolled, it’s still a great time to look at coverage options.

Contact your employer about your specific enrollment details.

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