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Billing Enhancements Are Here!

When you manage your bill online, you will see new features including:

  • Updated user interface: Cleaner look and feel with redundant columns removed
  • Increased speed: Noticeable increase in speed when navigating system
  • Improved functionality:
    • Add new employees on the bill reconciliation page
    • Download Excel or PDF copies of bill without changing reconciliation type
    • Automatic save feature providing extra safeguards against losing information


Stay tuned as we continue to improve your experience!  

Billing FAQs

How do I reconcile my bill?

There are three ways to reconcile your American Fidelity bill. Start by logging in or registering for an account. Once logged in, you can access the Billing tab. From the Billing tab, you can administer your bill using one of three methods available:

  1. Reconcile your bill online

This option allows you to view and reconcile your bill(s) entirely online. Our online bill interface permits adding employees, modifying, and submitting new coverage for existing employees as well as terminating coverage. Copies of your bill(s) will also be available for PDF download.

  1. Upload your payroll registers

This option allows you to securely transmit your payroll register to American Fidelity.

  1. Download your bill in Excel then upload the updated Excel file

This option allows you to download your bill in a specialized Excel format that is designed for reconciliation. Once the reconciliation and markup are complete, return to the online account to upload the Excel spreadsheet for processing and to make a payment.

Changes are not made until the money is received and billing is posted. We automatically generate our bills. If the prior month’s bill has not been posted, the changes will not be reflected on the current bill. We strive to post the bills so the changes reflect on the next month’s bill. Paying bills timely will assist with changes being updated on the following month’s bill. If you have concerns about the changes not being updated on the bill please contact your billing representative for immediate assistance.

If you need your bill before our regularly scheduled generation, we will work with you to customize when you receive your bills to best meet your needs. Contact your billing specialist or account manager.

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