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Need assistance managing your American Fidelity bill? We’re here to help. 

Managing your bill just got easier!

Our new feature allows you to view discrepancies in minutes after you upload a formatted Excel file through your secure online account. 

You can then manage your bill discrepancies on the same day, minutes after uploading your file. 

Learn more with this interactive guide 

"You don’t need to clean or scrub your reports in order to do the import. Identification of the discrepancies makes it easier to get them resolved or emails sent out if there are any shortages. It’s overall just a big timesaver.” ​

Hailey Teeter, Payroll Technician
Victor Valley College

How to Manage Your Bill

Step 1: Format and upload your Excel file outlining the amount deducted from each employee's paycheck per coverage type.

View Example Format 

Step 2: Review the discrepancies that appear. These errors are based on a comparison of your file and our bill. 

Step 3: Provide the reason for each discrepancy using the list of reason codes. 

Step 4:  Submit your reconciled payroll deduction file with the matching payment. Congratulations! You're done! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of uploading a formatted Payroll Deduction File?

  • Immediately receive an automated comparison of your data against our information.
  • Quickly see discrepancies in separate tabs to understand what should be updated before payment.
  • Promptly work your bill in one day without the need to reach out to customer support.

Why is using your online account for billing preferred?

  • Using American Fidelity’s online account allows you to submit employee data through a secure environment.  

Terms to Know

Payroll Deduction File: This file lists each employee and the amount of premium deducted from each paycheck per coverage type.

Reconciliation: Comparing the billed amount to your payroll deduction amount.

Discrepancies: Billed premium does not match deduction amounts that need to be updated or verified, like terminations, leaves of absence, additions of coverage, etc. You can review all discrepancies through the Show All view or by:

  • Not on Bill 
  • No Payment Received 
  • Premium Shortages 
  • Premium Overages 

Billing Addresses

When paying your bill, please include your customer number and your invoice number on or with your check. Review Example Invoice 

Insurance Product Billing
American Fidelity 
Attn: Billing Admin 
P.O. Box 268805
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Health Savings Accounts 
American Fidelity 
Attn: HSA Admin
P.O. Box 258886
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Annuity Billing 
American Fidelity 
Attn: Annuity Services
P.O. Box 25520
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Flexible Spending Accounts - Education
American Fidelity
P.O. Box 219326
Kansas City, MO 64121

Flexible Spending Accounts - Public Sector, Automotive, Healthcare
American Fidelity 
P.O. Box 219309
Kansas City, MO 64121

Indiana Flexible Spending Accounts - Education
American Fidelity
ATTN: First Merchant Bank: Group D
P.O. Box 7047
Indianapolis, IN 46207

Ohio Flexible Spending Accounts - Education
American Fidelity
P.O. Box 645975
Cincinnati, OH 45264

  • Start by logging in or registering for an online account. Once logged in, access the Billing tab. From the Billing tab, you can reconcile your bill using one of two methods available: 

      1. Upload your Payroll Deduction File
        Upload a properly formatted Excel file and our system compares our data against your information, providing discrepancies in minutes. If you cannot upload a formatted Excel File, you’ll receive a discrepancy report from your billing specialist to reconcile your bill.

        View this video to learn more |  Learn more with this interactive guide

      2. Reconcile Line by Line
        We provide an online bill outlining what's due. Then, you will log in to your online account to make changes that reflect your payroll records.
  • Changes are not made until funds are received and the bill is posted. If the prior month’s bill has not been posted, the changes will not reflect on the current bill. Paying your bills on time will assist with this process. If you have concerns, please contact your billing representative for assistance.

  • If you need your bill generation scheduled for a different date, we can work with you to customize when you receive your bills. Contact your billing specialist to update this date.

  • To create an online account, register online. Once your account is approved, it will be activated, and you can log in. 

  • Option 1

    If you reconcile your bill line by line, find the employee you wish to terminate on your most recent invoice. Click on the red Terminate Employee button next to their name. Fill in the effective date and click the Terminate button.

    Option 2

    1.       From the home screen, click on the Group Admin tab in the upper right-hand corner.

    2.       Click on Review or Terminate Employee.

    3.       Search for the employee to terminate or click View Active Participants.

    4.       Click on the employee’s name and then Terminate Employee.

    5.       Complete the form and click Terminate Employee to save changes.

  • This sample file explains the minimum required fields to upload your payroll deduction file.

    Example File

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    Google Chrome

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    4. Click on Site Settings.
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  • Your file could be saved in a different area depending on your browser.

    Google Chrome

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    2. Select Downloads.

    Internet Explorer

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    2. Select View Downloads.
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    Internet Explorer

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    2. Select About Internet Explorer.

Maximize Your Online Account 

Having easy access to employee data and billing information saves time and helps you better manage your overall benefits administration. 

With your account, you can: 

  • Upload payroll information
  • View, reconcile and pay bills
  • Access policyholder tools and information 

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