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Cancer Insurance

Focus on the Fight

Cancer Insurance

Focus on the Fight

You Can’t Predict Life - But You Can Prepare for It

Unfortunately, the probability of one of your employees getting diagnosed with cancer is likely. New cancer cases in America are diagnosed at the rate of about 4,626 per day.1 Not only is this number staggering, but more than one-quarter of cancer patients can’t afford to pay for their treatment.2 With deductibles continuing to rise, employers are looking for ways to assist with out-of-pocket costs, especially for treating unexpected illnesses and diagnoses.

At American Fidelity, we are passionate about providing benefits that may help ease the financial, mental, and emotional burden that comes with cancer. AF Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance has 30 benefits specifically designed to help your employees and their families with the financial aspect of being diagnosed with cancer, and allow them to focus on their recovery.

Example Cancer Insurance Benefits


Diagnostic Testing

Pays an annual benefit to help cover diagnostic testing, screening, or follow-up. This benefit also qualifies for our AFQuickClaims®.

Experimental Treatment

This policy covers experimental treatment so your employees have the opportunity to receive the best available treatment to meet their needs.

Travel Expenses

This benefit may help pay for transportation and lodging for the patient and family.

Diagnostic and Prevention Benefit Encourages Early Detection

Our policy provides an annual screening benefit to encourage early detection of potential cancers. With earlier detection, the cost of treatment is often reduced. Not only that, but some early detection tests can help reduce deaths from the disease and may limit the need for extensive treatment, which can cause substantial side effects and longer-term health issues.3   

Employee Education

Our career account managers will help educate your employees on why they may need cancer insurance and how it can work adjacent to their current medical insurance.

Learn More About Our Education Strategy 


Employees Can Keep Their Coverage

If you have an employee leave your company, maintaining their coverage is important. We’ve made the process simpler than ever with the convenience of direct billing, allowing them to keep the coverage they’ve come to depend on. Learn More 

Cancer Insurance Customer Testimonials

Support for Employees

We provide many resources for employees who have American Fidelity’s cancer insurance. We’re here to help.

Learn How to File a Cancer Insurance Claim 

Other Products That Can Help with Deductibles

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