Focus on the Fight with Cancer Insurance

From treatment to non-medical expenses, like travel and lodging, a cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating. And, it could happen to anyone.

In fact, about every 17 seconds someone in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer.1

The good news is you can help protect your family in the event of an unexpected diagnosis. Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance may offer a solution to help you focus on getting well.



Here's how it works:

Receive a cancer diagnosis

Begin cancer treatment

Receive benefits directly to you

Focus on recovery

Talk to your American Fidelity account manager to learn more about cancer insurance.


Coverage Options

Enroll yourself, or extend coverage to your whole family with a single parent family plan or family plan.

Screening Benefit

Receive a benefit for your annual internal cancer screening test, including Mammograms, PAPs, and Colonoscopies.

25+ Built-In Benefits

This plan provides dozens of benefits for cancer treatment, transportation, hospitalization, and more.

A Policy You Own

If you leave your current employer, you can take your cancer policy with you wherever you go.

Danny's Story: Mind at Ease


When Danny was in his early 30s, he didn't expect a cancer diagnosis. But his positive attitude inspired many throughout his recovery.

Watch Danny's Story ►

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