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Accident Insurance

Prepare for the Unexpected

Accident Insurance

Prepare for the Unexpected

Help Manage Rising Deductibles with Accident Insurance

Every year, more employers make the transition to High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to help manage health care costs. As a result, employees are faced with more out-of-pocket costs, and employers want to help. Providing a benefit like an accident insurance policy can help manage your employees’ rising deductibles because benefits are paid directly to them, which can make you look like a hero.

AF Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance may help your employees cover out-of-pocket treatment costs for injuries resulting from unexpected accidents. Because benefits are paid directly to your employees, they can use these funds to pay toward their deductibles, out-of-pocket responsibilities, or however they choose. And, because accident insurance is a voluntary benefit, you can offer it to your employees at no additional cost to you.


24-Hour Coverage

Ensures that eligible injuries are covered for your employees and their families on or off the job.

Sports-Related Injuries

Covers accidental injuries resulting from recreational sports activities.

Wellness Benefit*

Pays an annual benefit for a routine physical exam, including immunizations and preventive testing. This benefit also qualifies for AFQuickClaims™ processing.


Over 25 Treatments Covered

Includes treatments like fractures, lacerations, physical therapy, and more.

Employees Can Keep Their Coverage

If you have an employee leave your company, maintaining their coverage is important. We’ve made the process simpler than ever with the convenience of direct billing, allowing them to keep the coverage they’ve come to depend on. Learn More 

Employee Education

Educating your employees about the benefits of accident insurance is just as important as adding it to your benefits package.

Our career account managers will evaluate each individual’s family demographics to make a customized recommendation. Our goal is to help ensure your employees elect the right amount of coverage for their needs.

Learn More About Our Education Strategy 


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Support for Employees

We provide many resources for employees who have American Fidelity’s accident insurance. We’re here to help.

Learn How to File an Accident Insurance Claim 

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