Help Protect Your Finances with
Critical Illness Insurance

Surviving a critical illness may come at a high price.

Although many major medical plans provide coverage for costs that arise from a critical illness—such as a heart attack or stroke—there are still various out-of-pocket expenses that could add up quickly.

With Limited Benefit Critical Illness Insurance, you can help prepare for expenses that may not be covered by traditional major medical insurance. You may also have the option to add an infectious disease rider to this policy in select states.​



Here's how it works:

Experience a covered illness

Receive a diagnosis

Receive a benefit for eligible claims

Focus on getting well

Talk to your American Fidelity account manager about enrolling in critical illness insurance.


Various Coverage Options

Choose the coverage amount that best suits your needs—$10,000, $20,000, or $30,000.

Screening Benefit

Receive a benefit for covered annual health screenings, including stress tests, echo cardiograms, and more.

Recurrent Diagnosis

Upon a second occurrence of certain illnesses, the benefit pays 50% of the amount previously paid to you.

A Policy You Own

If you leave your current employer, you can take your critical illness policy with you wherever you go.

Oldair’s Story:

Extra Sense of Security

When Oldair purchased AF™ Limited Benefit Critical Illness Insurance, it was at the recommendation of a friend. Although Oldair—an Administrative Assistant for his school district—didn’t expect to need the policy, he appreciated the sense of security it provided.

But several years after purchasing the policy, Oldair’s life took an unexpected turn.

Read Oldair's Inspiring Story 

Oldair's story