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The American Fidelity Experience

The American Fidelity Experience

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Enrollment Preparation

94% of employees do not have a very high level of understanding of their health benefits¹

Employees who don’t understand their benefits don’t value them, or the significant investment their employer makes in them, which may lead to employee turnover. Education about benefits may help retain employees.

We’re here to strategize with you on educating your employees on their benefits, including their medical, dental, and vision plans. We’ll provide customized pre-enrollment materials specific to your benefits.

Promoting Your Benefits

Our experienced staff and library of materials are resources for how to enroll, where to enroll, and what employees need to bring to enrollment — taking the burden off you.

  • Open enrollment details: when, where, how
  • Enrollment announcement and reminder postcards, signage, and email campaigns
  • Customized benefits website
  • Personalized appointment scheduler

Go Paperless with AFenroll®

  • Get rid of paper enrollment forms
  • Track employee progress
  • Reporting
  • Benefits education

Customer Stories

“Once we made that decision and actually handed everything over to American Fidelity, they were able to step in and make the process very seamless and easy for us. And I really can’t believe what I did beforehand.”
“It is not like dealing with any other vendor. Dealing with American Fidelity felt like I was dealing with a partner from the get-go. They asked as many questions about us as we asked about them, and we were able to come together and work out solutions that have benefited the entire Northwest staff.”
“Our partnership with American Fidelity and having a representative that scheduled appointments with all of our employees really gave that personal touch, that real ability for our employees to dig in and ask the questions and get the time to really make a determination.”