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Benefits Enrollment Software

Your Online Benefits Enrollment Solution

As you may know, having the right benefits enrollment software is an important part of a successful enrollment. But it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. Having the right support to build out the proper data, rules, and other specifications within the system is critical. The last thing you need when your benefits enrollment ends is incorrect data, which can lead to incorrect payroll deductions on your bills.

AFenroll, American Fidelity’s online enrollment system, provides automated data uploads to ensure fast and efficient transfer of benefits and billing information before and after enrollment. Our platform also allows employees to enroll in their core benefits while they are enrolling in their American Fidelity products. We can work with your health plan providers to incorporate their application processes into our web-based platform.


Customized System Features

  • New hire enrollments and life status event changes year-round
  • Data and census analysis, pre-load, and setup
  • Administrative tools (reports, enrollment monitoring, etc.)
  • Post-enrollment data transfer to employer and carriers

Employer Features

  • Electronic payroll deduction upload
  • Administrative changes, including terminations, leaves of absence, and retirements
  • Historic record of employee data
  • Employee beneficiary information

Employee Features

  • Benefit confirmation statements
  • Benefit materials, brochures, and summary plan descriptions
  • Educational benefit and enrollment preparation videos
  • Benefit calculators and Section 125 Plan worksheets

Educating Your Employees

It is crucial your employees understand their benefit options and how to enroll in the plans that best meet their needs. If your employees choose to self-enroll, AFenroll includes materials on their available benefits, providing educational opportunities throughout their entire enrollment experience. We also provide a step-by-step tutorial on how the system works so they know exactly how to enroll in their benefits.

Watch How to Enroll with AFenroll 


Data Security

AFenroll uses 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for personal information transmitted over the internet. Each user is provided with a unique ID and password that is used to authenticate access to the system. All backups of the system are encrypted before they are transmitted offsite.

Data is stored and managed on secure systems, and access to systems is restricted to a limited number of authorized personnel. Physical access is also controlled by proximity readers and escorted access. Security updates are applied on a recurring basis, based on level of criticality and applicability.

Our benefits enrollment system is just part of the solution we offer our customers. Our highly-trained account managers, enrollment specialists, and data analysts work together to build your enrollment to fit your needs.

Year-Round Enrollment

Whether it’s new hires or a life event requiring benefit changes, AFenroll allows American Fidelity account managers to enroll your employees in their voluntary and core benefits year-round. 

Full Benefit Enrollment 

During your annual enrollment, American Fidelity account managers may enroll your employees in all their benefits, including medical, vision, and dental. We will work with your carriers to transfer the data we have loaded into AFenroll.  

Product-Only Enrollment

Account managers can also educate and enroll your employees in only American Fidelity products during your annual enrollment. Much like a full benefits enrollment, all the employees’ information will be loaded into and stored on AFenroll.

Need assistance with AFenroll? 

Talk to an American Fidelity account manager to learn more about how we can customize your next benefits enrollment.

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