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The American Fidelity Experience

The American Fidelity Experience

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93% of employees who’ve participated in one-to-one benefits counseling sessions found them valuable, yet only 15 percent of employees are offered this kind of personalized benefits enrollment experience.¹

What if you could provide a personalized benefit review your employees need without overwhelming them or sacrificing your own hours? Our team works specifically in your market, which means they understand your needs and the nuances of your industry, making them well-equipped to educate your employees.

Advantages of Personalized Benefit Reviews

Our suite of enrollment options is provided at no additional cost and offers the individual support your employees want.

  • Employee questions answered by experienced account managers
  • Regular reminders are sent to employees to help with participation
  • Education on your wellness program, including benefits like your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and telehealth

The Employee Experience

We meet your employees where they are, providing education on all their benefit options, not just those we offer all year long.

Virtual or in-
person enrollment

Q & A with a dedicated
account manager

Better understanding
of benefits options

completing forms

Customer Stories

“It is not like dealing with any other vendor. Dealing with American Fidelity felt like I was dealing with a partner from the get-go. They asked as many questions about us as we asked about them, and we were able to come together and work out solutions that have benefited the entire Northwest staff.”
“American Fidelity worked hard to get a new long-term disability plan design that would save the district a lot of money per year without negative impacts to the employee. We were able to take that money and give it back to the employees. Our health insurance premiums were increasing by $25 per month per employee, so we took that savings to pay that increase.”
“Once we made that decision and actually handed everything over to American Fidelity, they were able to step in and make the process very seamless and easy for us. And I really can’t believe what I did beforehand.”

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