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Life Insurance

Help Protect Your Employees' Families

Life Insurance

Help Protect Your Employees' Families

Create an Enhanced Life Insurance Package

Offering group life insurance to your employees can help them build a financial foundation, but it is sometimes not enough to cover their family’s unexpected expenses if the insured were to pass away. An individual life insurance policy can increase their overall benefit amount while giving them a policy that they own.


60% of people feel they need life insurance
beyond what their employer provides.1


American Fidelity offers life insurance policies designed with employees, spouses, children, and grandchildren in mind – making it convenient for your employees to provide life insurance protection for their entire family. Only three health questions are required to issue coverage, and your employees don’t have to participate in any medical exams.

Focused on Employee Education

More than 4 in 10 consumers say they haven’t purchased life insurance because they don’t know how much they need or what type to buy.2  Life insurance is designed to protect the people your employees care about most, but if your employees don’t understand their benefit options, they could be missing out on affordable protection for their families.

Our career account managers will evaluate each individual’s needs to make a customized life insurance plan recommendation that will provide for their loved ones. Our goal is to help ensure your employees elect the right amount of coverage to provide peace of mind and assurance. 

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Types of Life Insurance

When offering life insurance, it is important to provide various types of coverage. Depending on the individual and their life stage, they may prefer a different type of life insurance. Below are two options you should consider offering:

AF Term Life Insurance

Often, your employees need life insurance coverage to help during a specific period when their expenses are usually at their highest. Making sure everyday living expenses, like home ownership and college tuition, are covered in their absence is paramount. With a term life insurance policy, your employees can customize the plan that works best for their situation. Premium rates are locked in at the time of purchase and will not increase for the duration of the initial policy term.

AF Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance provides your employees a life insurance benefit to age 121 and will provide a cash benefit at the time of maturity. Additionally, many people use whole life insurance as a way to save money and build a nest egg for the future. There are also options for loans and partial surrenders if needed. The cash value may allow for the flexibility to stop paying premiums and still have some life insurance coverage in force. Premiums are guaranteed to remain level for the life of the contract.

Employees Can Keep Their Coverage

If you have an employee leave your company, maintaining their coverage is important. We’ve made the process simpler than ever with the convenience of direct billing, allowing them to keep the coverage they’ve come to depend on.

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Support for Employees

We provide many resources for employees who have American Fidelity’s life insurance. We’re here to help.

Learn How to File a Life Insurance Claim 

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