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Now Offering 
Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Help for Rising Deductibles

Now Offering 
Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Help for Rising Deductibles

Pocket Protection for a Hospital Stay

Paying for large, out-of-pocket healthcare costs remains a challenge for many employees. Major medical insurance plans are designed to pay a portion of medical costs, but with a high deductible plan, your employees must pay out of their own pocket until they meet their deductible and plan maximum. 
AF™ Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance, or AF Hospital Assist™, is designed to help pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses, like a hospital stay. 


HSA Compatible


Get coverage for eligible out-of-pocket expenses and receive the tax benefit and potential savings from an HSA.

Simplified Underwriting


No medical exams or health questions required to apply.

Coverage Options 


Coverage available for employees, spouses, and children.



Employees can keep their coverage if they change jobs or leave employment.

Employee Education

Employees often don't understand how supplemental benefits work with their major medical plan. There's a misconception that because they have major medical insurance, they'll be covered in their time of need. The truth is, with a high deductible plan, it's imperative to have additional protection to fill the large gap in coverage.

Our career account managers help educate employees during your annual enrollment. Once we understand your organization's benefits structure, we work with each employee to select the right coverage levels for their needs. 

Learn More About Our Education Strategy 

Employees Can Keep Their Coverage

If an employee leaves your company, maintaining their coverage is important. We’ve made the process simple with direct billing, allowing employees to keep the coverage they’ve come to depend on. Learn More 

Support for Employees

We provide many resources for employees who have American Fidelity's hospital indemnity insurance. We’re here to help.

Learn How to File a Hospital Indemnity Insurance Claim 

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