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Disability Income Insurance

Help Protect Your Employees’ Paychecks

Disability Income Insurance

Help Protect Your Employees’ Paychecks

A Different Opinion on Disability Insurance

Contrary to what you may believe, disability insurance is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Many generic disability policies don’t take your specific industry needs into account, such as sick leave or employee demographics. This could result in your employees being over-insured or paying for disability insurance benefits they may not be able to receive.

AF Disability Income Insurance products are designed specifically with the industries we serve in mind to help employees protect their income and lifestyle.


Guaranteed Issue

Each employee will have an opportunity to apply for coverage during their annual enrollment without answering medical questions. Pre-existing conditions may apply.

Custom Coverage Options

Employees can select a benefit amount and elimination period that meets their financial needs and is custom to your organization.

Return-to-Work Benefit

Employees may receive a partial benefit for going back to work part-time while still on disability.

Employee Assistance Program

Included with our long-term disability product, this service provides your employees with access to telephonic life coaching, legal assistance, and more.

Focused on Employee Education

It’s extremely important your employees are educated on what disability insurance is, as well as the importance of having it. When employees don't know why they need coverage, they may not purchase it. You offer this benefit to help your employees, so you want them to be covered in case of a disabling injury or illness.

This is where American Fidelity can help.

Our career account managers will evaluate your organization’s sick leave policies and each individual’s financial needs to make a customized recommendation during enrollment. Our goal is to help ensure your employees elect the right amount of coverage for their salary and financial needs.

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Support for Employees

We provide many resources for employees who have American Fidelity’s disability insurance. We’re here to help.

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