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We provide a one-stop-shop benefits solution that helps bridge the gap between you and your employees. They become more confident in their benefits, and you get a more engaged workforce.

Learn about our professional enrollment experience.

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To improve your benefits experience, we offer:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Education and Communication
  • Year-Round Support

Learn more about our professional enrollment experience.

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Driving Employee Engagement

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We Know Manufacturing

Improving employee engagement.

How are you keeping up with today's employee demands? When you invest in your people, they're more likely to invest in you. While workplaces continue to evolve, your people remain at the heart of your organization. You can help make your dream culture a reality by putting the right engagement strategy in place.


84% of employees spend an hour or less reviewing their benefits.¹


We're with you beyond benefits.

We get to know your organization on a personal level to help support competitive employee benefits packages. We won't leave after enrollment. We support you and your employees all year long, so you can rest easy knowing you have a dedicated partner.

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Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Whether you have employees all over the country or in one location, we have you covered. Our holistic approach gives you the insight and control you want throughout the entire enrollment experience.

Employee education and annual enrollment can take a lot of your resources. Our local account team will help you navigate your benefits program and its impact on employee engagement and usage.

We do this through a variety of resources including:

  • Group Meetings
  • Individual Benefit Reviews
  • Customizable Communications

We don’t just educate during your annual enrollment. We’re there year-round to answer questions and assist with challenges to help give you peace of mind.

By partnering with us, we provide benefits administration support so you can focus on other priorities. Our professional enrollment experience ensures you have help during pre-enrollment, enrollment and post-enrollment to ensure the entire process is successful time and again.


Expert guidance to develop a benefits strategy tailored to your organization.


Personalized enrollment assistance for each employee, and ongoing support.


We can enroll your employees whether they're on the road, in a warehouse or in the office.

While we're here to support you, you maintain control over your benefits program. Our goal is to simply help you take a load off, while you cultivate your dream culture.

You’ll get to:

  • Share your ideas during our discovery process.
  • Provide input during each phase of enrollment.
  • Share feedback and view reporting after enrollment.

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