Paying Your Premiums

The cost of your PFMLI plan is based on the Oregon state plan and is calculated as a percentage of your payroll. If you have other benefits with American Fidelity, please note that the payment process and scheduling are different for PFMLI. You won't receive a bill for PFMLI. Instead, you must complete a premium worksheet and submit payment. To understand this process better, please refer to the steps below.

How to Pay Your Premiums


With your online account, you can manage and pay your premiums at the same time as your payroll cycle.

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We’ll notify you when your premiums are due.

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You’ll fill out an online premium worksheet every pay period and pay the required premiums.

View an example premium worksheet

We recommend using electronic fund transfer (EFT) for faster premium posting and claim processing.

Payment Tutorials

Below are two tutorials that outline the steps for paying your PFMLI invoice through electronic funds transfer (EFT) or check payment.

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