Help Pay for Your Stay with

Hospital Indemnity Insurance


If you experienced a medical emergency, would you be prepared to cover the out-of-pocket medical expenses? And, what about everything else that adds up—like bills, groceries, and housing?

Major medical insurance plans are designed to pay a large portion of your medical costs. But with a high deductible health plan, you must pay out of your own pocket until you meet your deductible and plan maximum.

That’s where Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance, or AF Hospital Assist™, can help.



Here's how it works:

Experience a sudden injury or illness

Stay in the hospital for at least 18 hours

Receive a benefit for each day spent in the hospital

Use the benefit to pay for out-of-pocket expenses

Talk to your American Fidelity account manager to learn more about AF Hospital Assist.


HSA Compatible

Receive the tax benefit and potential savings of a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Benefits Paid to You

Benefits are paid directly to you, so you can use the money where you need it most.

Simple Application Process

No health questions are required to apply for AF Hospital Assist.

A Policy You Own

If you leave your employer, you can take your hospital indemnity insurance with you.