Help Protect Your Paycheck with Disability Income Insurance

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you’ve slept through your alarm and had to rush out the door? What if in your rush downstairs, you missed a step and fell? One visit to the doctor’s office later, you find yourself with a serious leg fracture, a surgery date, and doctor’s orders for 12 weeks of rest after. You won’t be working any time soon, which won’t stop doctor bills or your other everyday expenses.

What if you could receive a benefit providing a portion of your income while you’re unable to work? Disability Income Insurance is designed to financially help you in the event of a covered injury or illness.



Here's how it works:

Experience an unexpected covered injury or illness

Have your disability confirmed by your doctor

Receive a portion of your salary to help with medical bills

Or use the benefit for household expenses while you recover

Talk to your account manager to learn how you can help protect your income with disability insurance.


Guaranteed Issue

Each employee will have an opportunity to apply for coverage during their annual enrollment without answering medical questions. Pre-existing conditions may apply.

Custom Coverage Options

You can select a benefit amount and elimination period that meets your financial needs.

Return-to-Work Benefit

Employees may receive a partial benefit for going back to work part-time while still on disability.

Benefit Payments Made Directly to You

You’ll have the freedom to use the funds where you need them, from copayments and deductibles to living expenses or other purchases.

Autumn's Story: An Inspiration

Autumn is a California school teacher and mother of three. When she was injured in the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas, her world turned upside down. But through recovery, her courage inspired those around her. American Fidelity is honored to be part of Autumn’s journey.