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The American Fidelity Experience

The American Fidelity Experience

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Year-Round Support

We can help you year-round to implement consistent benefits education, including compliance and regulatory updates, for you and your employees.

Doing More for You

  • New hire & life changes enrollment assistance
  • Online account access and training
  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Removing time-intensive benefits responsibilities from your staff
  • Personalized Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and telemedicine education for staff

Doing More for Your Employees

  • Regular policyholder education, including policies they own
  • Maximize benefits and usage on current policies
  • Access to AFmobileA F mobile®
  • Easy claim filing with AFQuickClaims®
AFmobileA F mobile

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Customer Stories

“It is not like dealing with any other vendor. Dealing with American Fidelity felt like I was dealing with a partner from the get-go. They asked as many questions about us as we asked about them, and we were able to come together and work out solutions that have benefited the entire Northwest staff.”
“American Fidelity worked hard to get a new long-term disability plan design that would save the district a lot of money per year without negative impacts to the employee. We were able to take that money and give it back to the employees. Our health insurance premiums were increasing by $25 per month per employee, so we took that savings to pay that increase.”
“Once we made that decision and actually handed everything over to American Fidelity, they were able to step in and make the process very seamless and easy for us. And I really can’t believe what I did beforehand.”

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