Joanne's Story: A Trusted Partner

Throughout her career as an educator, Joanne formed a partnership with American Fidelity she'd never expected.

The First Enrollment

It began when Joanne met Lesa Kay, an American Fidelity account manager, at her annual benefits enrollment. Over the years, the two formed a valuable partnership.

"I have come to trust the representatives from American Fidelity," Joanne said. "If I would take time to talk with them about where my life was headed, they would suggest plans that may help with that path."

A Life-Changing Decision

One year, when Joanne opened up about her family's history of cancer, Lesa Kay discussed the benefits of Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance.

Joanne (right) with her children

And only two years after purchasing the policy, Joanne was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. 

“I was stunned," she said. "My world was going to be turned upside down."

After her unexpected diagnosis, Joanne emailed Lesa Kay for help. Despite it being only days before Christmas, Lesa Kay immediately called to help Joanne through the filing process. It was a gesture that meant a lot to Joanne and her family.

“That's what I have learned the most about American Fidelity representatives over the course of my 30 years in education—they care," she said.

The Road to Recovery

Now, a decade later, Joanne is a cancer survivor who is passionate about helping others better prepare for the unexpected.

"I encourage all school employees to take time to walk in, sit down, and share where their path in life is going," she said.

When life takes an unexpected turn, American Fidelity can help with cancer insurance.