Alonzo's Story: Cancer Fighter

Alonzo is a father of seven, avid runner, university dean, and cancer survivor.

When he first heard about Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance, Alonzo wasn't sure he needed it. 

"I'm young, I'm healthy, I'm running...I don't have a history of cancer in my family. I don't need a cancer policy," he said.

But, Alonzo did purchase the policy. And only two years later, he faced an unexpected cancer diagnosis. 

A New Journey

Soon after his diagnosis, Alonzo began cancer treatment. And during this time of healing, the bills began to arrive. 

That's when Alonzo remembered his cancer policy.


"The lab sends you a bill, the anesthesiologist sends you a bill," Alonzo said. "The insurance company doesn't pay all of it. My cancer policy paid my residual bills. All of them."

“I finished my cancer treatment with no debt."*

Focus on the Fight

Now a cancer survivor, Alonzo encourages others to be strong. 

"Don't give up hope because there's always someone else out there who's experienced the same thing you've experienced and they've made it out," he said. "Just like me... We can beat cancer."

When life takes an unexpected turn, American Fidelity can help with cancer insurance.