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Welcome to the new! 

Streamlined design, improved navigation, timely content, and an enhanced support section: 
You’ve arrived at the new

Rebuilt to offer a unique and valuable perspective, our website provides a different opinion for employers and policyholders in the education, public sector, automotive, and healthcare industries. 

Check out our behind-the-scenes video and read about the site highlights below. 

For Employers

Reflecting on our 55+ years of experience, we've developed a website unique to your needs. We hope the industry-specific and timely topics offer a solution to your real-life challenges. As regulations change and trends come and go, so will the content and topics we cover on our site.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find:


From our communication and education strategy to enrollment and tax savings, learn how we partner with you to create a long-term benefits strategy to help you save time and money.


Learn about our supplemental insurance product offerings and benefits administration services.

Why Us

Many of our competitors only offer one-size-fits-all benefit packages and services, but we believe you deserve a unique solution. Learn why we would be a good fit as your organization’s benefits provider.


Stay informed about the latest in benefits compliance and learn new benefits strategies for your organization.


Policyholders and reimbursement account participants can view account management tutorials, contact information, and find resources for managing their account. 


Learn what documentation is needed to file an insurance or reimbursement account claim, along with instructional videos and FAQs.

For Policyholders

As we work to make things easier for you, we saw an opportunity to create a better customer experience.

We’ve used customer feedback, social media inquiries, and our call center expertise to develop over 150 answers to the most frequently asked questions. From the questions you’ve been searching for, to those you never thought to ask, turn to our support pages for an improved self-service experience.

We also improved instructional information on filing claims. We created specific pages listing the required documentation, as well as a robust video library

Thank you for trusting American Fidelity with your benefits needs. We’re honored to have you as a customer.


American Fidelity Assurance Company