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Accident Insurance Support

AF™ Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance can help you manage out-of-pocket expenses to treat injuries resulting from a covered accident. Learn more about accident insurance from the frequently asked questions and additional resources below.

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Accident Insurance FAQs


What is an accident?

Our general policy definition of an accident is “a sudden, unexpected, and unintended event, which results in bodily injury, which is independent of disease or bodily infirmity or any other cause.” You should, of course, refer to your policy for your state’s specific policy definition. Download your policy document online or contact us to see if your accident qualifies.

The number of days, typically calendar days, that must pass before benefits are payable to the Insured.  Calendar days are work days, holidays, and weekend days. 

Your benefit is paid directly to you, so you may apply the money toward your medical costs or daily living expenses as needed.

In order for American Fidelity to release information to anyone other than the insured, the insured will need to update the Friends/Family Authorization to Disclose Information Including PHI to include the names of the individuals or organization we can release information to. Alternatively, the insured may create and submit a signed and dated statement indicating who they are giving authorization to speak on their behalf.  If the insured is unable to sign their own authorization, we would need a Power of Attorney on file to release any information.

The fastest way to file an accident claim is through your online account, or on our mobile app, AFmobile®.

For more details on how to file a claim, including required documentation and a step-by-step instructional video, visit our accident insurance claim page.

You can download and print a paper claim form here. Please note, paper claim filing is not the fastest option. File a claim online or through AFmobile to get your money faster.

For more details on how to file a claim, including required documentation and a step-by-step instructional video, visit our accident insurance claim page.

When filing an accident insurance claim, you will need to provide medical records or office notes specific to the treatment of injuries due to your accident.

We may also need:

For more details on how to file a claim, including a step-by-step instructional video, visit our accident insurance claim page.

Claims are generally processed within 5-7 business days.

However, your accident policy’s annual wellness benefit may qualify for quick processing. When you submit your wellness benefit claim online or through AFmobile, you can receive payment in as little as one day when enrolled in direct deposit, no extra documentation required.

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Yes. With many American Fidelity accident plans, you’re covered both on and off the job. As always, be sure to check your policy for details and exclusions, or contact our benefits team.

Unfortunately discharge instructions do not always provide the detailed information needed to determine benefits. Please submit a copy of the complete medical records for all dates of service to avoid potential claim delays.

No. You can submit documentation for the treatment you are receiving now, and continue to send additional documentation as treatment continues until finished. You do not need to wait to submit all documentation at once.

This wellness benefit is payable once per policy per calendar year.

No. The Accident Emergency Treatment Benefit is payable for treatment received in either an emergency room or a physician’s office. Treatment for injuries sustained in a covered accident must occur within 72 hours following the accident.

The benefit amount is determined based on the Schedule of Benefits of your policy, which lists the eligible benefits and flat amounts payable based on the type of treatment you receive. The policy does not pay based on how much you are billed from the doctor or how much you owe for the treatment.

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A document that details information about specific plan benefits. You can view your Schedule of Benefits in your policy document through your online account.

Children may continue to be covered under a parent’s accident policy until age 26.

Yes. Children may continue to be covered under a parent’s accident policy until age 26 regardless of marital status, student status, and whether he/she lives with you.

Yes. As long as the covered child contacts the American Fidelity home office within 60 days of his/her 26th birthday, he/she may convert to his/her own policy with no additional medical questions or underwriting.

Yes. The individual accident base policies are guaranteed renewable for life. As long as you continue to pay required premiums, coverage will continue. 

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Examples of Common Accidents and Insurance Benefits

Examples of common injuries:

    • Twisted ankle
    • Bee stings
    • Burns
    • Spider bites
    • Recreational sports-related injuries
    • Poison ivy

For a covered accident, treatment benefits may include:

    • Emergency room treatment
    • Fracture repair
    • Laceration repair
    • Physical therapy
    • Inpatient admission
    • Appliances such as crutches and leg braces

Wellness Benefit

This benefit pays a lump sum amount for an annual exam, including immunizations and preventive testing. This benefit may also qualify for quick claims processing.

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Prepare for the Unexpected

Accident insurance is designed with over 25 benefits to help cover the cost of treatments for injuries resulting from covered accidents. Watch this short video to learn about how accident insurance can help you financially prepare for unexpected accidents.

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Get Paid Quicker

Your annual wellness claim qualifies for AFQuickClaims® processing, meaning you could receive your benefit for eligible claims in as little as one day when you’re enrolled in direct deposit.

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Need help?

If you need assistance filing a claim, visit the accident insurance claim page.

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