Stop Loss Insurance

Health plan self-funding is utilized by many employers in the U.S. as an effective approach to gain greater flexibility in benefit design and control over their health plan costs. Many self-funded employers purchase medical stop loss insurance to help secure financial protection against catastrophic claims.

Because stop loss insurance is customized to your medical plan, it’s important to partner with a trusted carrier that understands your plan design, can help ensure you have the coverage you need and appreciates the value of the solutions you offer. American Fidelity’s experienced stop loss team is here to help.


We can tailor a stop loss insurance solution to your needs and preferences. Features include:

  • Direct access to consultative underwriters
  • Flexible terms based on group size and location
  • Laser alternatives
  • Rate Cap at Renewal options
  • AF Award, our experience refund program*
  • Risk management resources

Many options are available today, but we want to understand what's important to you

Our Stop Loss Difference

By selecting American Fidelity as your underwriting partner, you will gain access to our experienced stop loss team that provides a superb level of responsiveness. Strong support of our production relationships and direct access to decisive senior leadership has helped us consistently grow and meet our clients’ business objectives.

Consultative Marketing



Underwriting Experience



Risk Management



Underwriting Experience and Expertise

American Fidelity’s underwriting model is based on a foundation of experienced, empowered team members, paired with risk managers, AI-empowered software, and a culture of crafting custom solutions for our clients. 

Our underwriting staff is educated in solutions that are gaining momentum and recognition, such as reference-based pricing, direct contracting, value-based contracts, Rx solutions, cash-pay and other alternative plan design techniques. 

Claims, administration, account, and risk management are all deliberately woven into the underwriting process to deliver superior service and results for all parties involved.

Knowledgeable, Proactive Approach

Our underwriting staff members are not afraid to seek advice on difficult risks. We advocate a strict referral system that gets the most complex cases into the hands of the most experienced decision makers. We work with medical professionals to:

  • Provide current, critical medical information to help the underwriter consider educated solutions with the risk selection process
  • Support claims reviews
  • Share invaluable cost management ideas
  • Manage risk

Additionally, we proactively monitor and filter key information necessary to bind a risk, such as:

  • Signed Application
  • Disclosure Statement (if necessary)
  • Binder Premium

Private, American-Owned Company

Unlike many stop loss carriers in the market, American Fidelity is a private, American-owned accident and health insurance company. We are committed to offering stop loss insurance for the long term, so you can be assured we will be there when you need us.

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