Manage the Employee Lifecyle in One Place

With American Fidelity’s HCM system, employers can streamline the entire employee lifecycle all in one system. And employee data is seamlessly automated and transferred via AFbridge, an integration with AFenroll®, making the enrollment process a breeze.



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Employee Data

This base module is the nerve center of your HCM, where you can manage all your employee data and benefits.

  • Build your own onboarding hub with unlimited forms, tasks, and workflows
  • Integrate with your enrollment in AFenroll
  • Customize employee self-service with branded widgets

Applicant Tracking

Help streamline your recruitment processes, no matter how complicated they may be.

  • Build a tailored application journey, including custom pre-screening questions and automatic personalized communications
  • Track internal and external applicants
  • Embed an integrated job portal on your site for branded, on-page application

Time and Attendance

Simplify the time tracking process for both you and your employees.

  • Customize timesheet and time clock options to fit all aspects of your business
  • Create and track different leave and time off plans for employee use in self-service
  • Offer employees flexibility with the Android or iOS mobile app for clocking-in from anywhere with optional geofencing location controls

Talent Management

Track talent and education journeys for your employees.

  • Integrate your current courses easily with multiple file types
  • Track and serve time-sensitive training needs like certificates and licenses
  • Track annual reviews with workflow capabilities to assist with each approval needed


Process payroll efficiently with fewer errors with tools for accurate calculating, efficient filing, and cost allocation.

  • Define custom tax configurations with unlimited incomes and deductions
  • Calculate salaries, shift rate, piece rate, or job rates for fair, fast, compliant payment
  • Integrate data directly with general ledger and export to cut administration time

Juggling multiple programs for basic HR tasks shouldn’t be your only option. With American Fidelity’s HCM system, you can manage the entire employee lifecycle all in one system. Request a demo today to see how we can help you work smarter, not harder.