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Benefits Enrollment 

October 12 - October 23 

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Enroll in all your benefits in one place! 

We are pleased to announce that your employer has chosen to offer a full benefits enrollment in partnership with American Fidelity. This means you can enroll in major medical insurance, dental and vision insurance, Section 125 benefits, and supplemental benefits—all in one place!

With AFenroll®, American Fidelity's online enrollment system, you can view all of your available benefits and create a package that best suits your individual financial and medical needs. Your employer encourages you to schedule an appointment to enroll in your benefits.

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Prepare for Enrollment


Before enrollment begins, review your current insurance coverage and benefits options available to you and your family. Some questions that could help you understand your needs include:

  • Are you planning on getting married, having kids, or buying a home?
  • Have you recently received a pay increase?
  • What would happen if you were suddenly ill or disabled?
  • Are you preparing for life after retirement?

Each of these questions can change your benefits needs, and your account manager will help you make the best decision for your family. 


Schedule an Appointment 

Your account manager will make sure you are fully prepared for your enrollment. In your benefits review, your account manager will:

  • Look at your existing plans
  • Help you understand your available benefits
  • Review options and answer questions 


Schedule Your Appointment

Ways to Enroll


Meet with your account manager individually to get your questions answered and help ensure you select the benefits that best meet your needs.

Video Conference

In the comfort of your own home, meet face-to-face via video conference with an account manager. A link and instructions will be provided via email after you sign up for your enrollment appointment.


If you purchase an American Fidelity cancer, accident, or critical illness policy, you have the opportunity to file a claim for an annual wellness benefit.This benefit may be eligible for quick claims processing! When you submit your annual wellness, diagnostic testing, or health screening claim online or through AFmobile, you can receive your benefit in as little as one day if you're enrolled in direct deposit.

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Download AFmobile®

Manage your insurance benefits and reimbursement accounts on our mobile app, AFmobile!

  • View reimbursement account balances
  • Submit reimbursements and claims
  • Update communication preferences

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Your dedicated account manager:

Aram Toloukian